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Inaccuracy is a gameplay mechanic in the Counter-Strike series. It is distinct from recoil, but affects player aim collectively.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all weapons have their own inaccuracy values that determine how inaccurate they become in different circumstances. Inaccuracy causes every shot taken by the player to deviate from their point of aim by a randomly chosen amount and direction. Lower inaccuracy means that the maximum possible deviation is smaller, and vice-versa.

Sniper rifles have greatly decreased inaccuracy when scoped in, but take a very short moment before reaching minimum inaccuracy to discourage rapid firing. Scopes noticeably become more blurry as their inaccuracy increases.

On the buy menu, it is possible to view the Accurate Range weapon stat. Official Hints and Tips states that "A weapon's Accurate Range is the distance at which the weapon is guaranteed to hit a 30 cm dinner plate (from a standstill)."

Inaccuracy and Movement

Inaccuracy is tied significantly into movement. Moving at full speed, jumping, falling, and climbing ladders all drastically increase the player's inaccuracy. Walking, standing still, and crouching make the player much less inaccurate than all of the above movements.

Standing Inaccuracy

With most weapons, the player is less inaccurate when standing still than when crouching.

Jumping And Midair Inaccuracy

Jumping - and being midair, generally - significantly increases a player's inaccuracy with most weapons.

The player is less inaccurate if stationary while in midair, including at the peak of a jump. The SSG 08 is notable for having a fairly mid-air inaccuracy at the peak of a jump compare with other weapons[1]

Inaccuracy on Ladders

Climbing ladders greatly increases the player's inaccuracy with most weapons.

Inaccuracy and Recoil

Inaccuracy and recoil affects shot placement collectively. Shots that have been affected by recoil will deviate by an angle from the new location that the recoil is pushing the gun towards.

Inaccuracy increases as a weapon continues to be fired, up to a maximum. The first shot in a spray is always the most accurate, and the accuracy of this shot is often called the "first shot accuracy".

Inaccuracy Recovery

As the player stops firing, the player's inaccuracy will return to standing inaccuracy after some time. Tapfiring is thus very effective to compromise between a faster rate of fire and increased inaccuracy.[2]

The player's inaccuracy recovers faster when crouching than standing with nearly all weapons.[3]

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