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For the Terrorist equivalent grenade, see Molotov.

When thrown, the incendiary grenade releases a high-temperature chemical reaction capable of burning anyone within its wide blast radius.
―Official description

The Incendiary Grenade is a grenade featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorist counterpart is the Molotov.


Incendiary grenades are grenades that release fire, used for anti-personnel or anti-material purposes. Modern incendiary grenades often use Thermite, which can burn through metals and is virtually impossible to extinguish after being released.

In-game, the Incendiary Grenade is a Counter-Terrorist exclusive grenade, and their most expensive grenade at $600. It is useful both as a defensive and offensive tool. Defensively, the flames are excellent at temporarily preventing enemies from advancing to an important area (such as a bombsite, important pathways, or the hostages), or preventing enemies from rushing the player with close-ranged weaponry. Offensively, the flames can be thrown into a defensive position that an enemy is hiding in, trapping the enemy in flames, forcing them to come out or take damage.

When thrown, the grenade would explode upon hitting a walkable surface that is 30 degrees or smaller from horizontal, spreading the flammable liquid around and creating an area of flames capable of burning anybody that is in it. The grenade will not explode and will bounce off all other surfaces. Flying for more than 2 seconds will cause the incendiary grenade to explode mid-air, releasing nothing and damaging nobody.[1] The only exception is if the incendiary grenade explodes less than 128 units above a surface, in which case the flames will drop to the ground and begin to burn.

The flame starts dealing 1 damage and increasing each hit up to 8 where it is capped. From this point it will deal 40 damage per second with 100% armor penetration to those in contact, including the user, their teammates, and hostages. The fire disappears after roughly 7 seconds (7.03125 seconds to be exact). Multiple flames overlapping each other will stack the damage.[2][3][4]

The flames can be extinguished by a Smoke Grenade, and the flames will not deploy inside smoke. However, one third of the flames must be covered by the smoke for it to extinguish.

The Incendiary Grenade also takes a notably longer time to switch to another weapon after throwing it.[4]

Update History

December 13, 2022
  • Fixed Molotov and Incendiary grenades detonating in midair when flying over skybox areas.[5]
December 3, 2012
  • Molly/Inc Grenade fire now goes out slightly faster when extinguished and updated the overall effects a bit.


See also: Molotov#Tactics
  • Use incendiary grenades to block off common choke points, disrupting the enemy's strategy.
    • Alongside with the Molotov, use the incendiary grenade on entry ways to important areas, like bombsites, to prevent enemies from gaining access.
  • Use the fire and its spread to flush an enemy out of a common camping position.
  • In Bomb Defusal, after the C4 is planted, a Molotov can thrown on it to prevent CTs from defusing the bomb, as the even the minimum time needed to defuse the C4 (5 seconds) is enough for the fire to kill a full health player.


Main article: Revolution

Flames Of The Phoenix  (603)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 200 burn damage to enemies in Casual: Active Duty matches.

200 XP
Bonus: +1 XP per 2 damage-when the map is Train.

Brief Audio
“Fire is the weapon of the revolution. Like us, fire breathes. Like us, fire spreads. Yes it takes lives, but without fire we would sit in darkness and die in the cold. Do not be afraid of fire… master it.”
Valeria Jenner

Main article: Wildfire

Fanning The Flames  (701)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 10 burn damage in Casual: Op. Wildfire Group matches.

200 XP

Brief Audio
Operation Bloodhound was a success. Turner is dead, and the Phoenix are still recovering from their loss. Now is the time to put on the pressure… to hit multiple Phoenix operations at once… to spread like wildfire. My name is Major Felix Riley, and together we're going to stop Valeria.”
Felix Riley

Who Likes Fire?  (721)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 50 burn damage in Casual: Op. Wildfire Group matches.

400 XP

Main article: Gemini
The Incendiary Grenade is among the weapons the players can choose from at the beginning of the Phoenix Compound map in "The Extraction", "Once More Into The Breach", and "The Enemy Of My Enemy...".

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BURN IT ALL!  (916)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Guardian Co-op Challenge: Play as a Counter-Terrorist with a partner and protect the bombsite from enemies on Shipped.

Score a win by getting 5 enemy kills with fire.

Note: Players spawn with the P250.


525 XP

Brief Audio
“So it says here that we want the cargo intact… looks like frags are out, but since shipping containers don't really catch fire I'd say incendiary grenades are fair game.”
Rona Sabri


Weapon Specialist
Flame Expert csgo Flame Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the Molotov or Incendiary grenade.


  • Somewhat oddly, the Incendiary Grenade emits a sound when it releases the flames. However, this is probably implemented to share similar characteristics with the Molotov and to serve as a warning to players that an incendiary grenade has released flames near their location.
  • Although reason is unknown, the Incendiary Grenade has less armor penetration then the Molotov, which means the Molotov can kill an armored opponents faster then the Incendiary Grenade, but still costs $100 less.
  • The Molotov and Incendiary Grenade are both very similar to the CS Grenade (a gas grenade cut from the original Counter-Strike) as area denial gadgets.
    • This attribute hints that the incendiary grenade in-game is made of some sort of flammable liquid, rather than solid white phosphorus, which the majority of incendiary grenade use in real life.
  • Counting as the same type of the weapon as Molotov cocktail, the Incendiary grenade does not has its own image on the achievement icon.
  • The incendiary grenade is a retextured model of the Global Offensive Smoke Grenade, and is thus modeled after the Model 5210 Smoke Grenade. Markings on the grenade however mark it as the AN/M14 incendiary grenade.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Before being introduced at release date, the Molotov was the incendiary device for both factions.
  • Like most grenades, unused impact kill icons in the style of Team Fortress 2 kill icons and Portal stick men figures are found in the game files.
    • Before the the Panorama update. The regular impact kill icon (identical to the HUD icon) does not appear in-game. Any kills made with incendiary devices through impact will only have both the killer and the victim's names in the feed. After the Panorama update the icon will properly show up between the killer and victim's name.


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