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Iraq (cs_iraq) is a hostage rescue map from Beta 5.0.


Have at least two Counter-Terrorist squad members guard the hostage rescue zone with the assistance of the tank and head over to the compound where the hostages are waiting to be rescued. Be sure to bring at least one or two other Counter-Terrorists with you and split the team into two's or three's. Be alert for incoming terrorists as they will do anything they can to stop your progress. They can camp above the roofs, behind some crates, or stage an ambush from a corner. To make sure that you and your fellow Counter-Terrorist team members do not become "dinner" or "breakfast food" for the terrorists, throw a flashbang or an HE grenade at suspected camp spots to flush out the enemy. However, should some of your team become killed in action, regroup immediately and press on. Sadly, the nightmare may not be over unless all of the terrorists were eliminated earlier. You and the (remaining) squad will still need to infiltrate the compound where it may contain traps and more ambushes. Approach the hallways with caution and access the rooms full of nuclear weapons where 3 of the hostages are at (the other 2 hostages are found above the compound in a radio room). If you do not encounter any terrorists inside, then it is very likely that they have escaped and are guarding the paths that lead to the hostage rescue zone. Whatever you do, proceed with caution when heading back to the rescue zone as the terrorists will attempt to commit one last act to stop your team. If you are lucky and have neutralized the threats or the terrorists have backed off, then the mission will favor the Counter-Terrorists!


As said by the description, pulverize the Counter-Terrorists with any force necessary. You can confront the enemy or camp in designated areas where the terrorists should have an advantage. If the Counter-Terroristss are well-armed or are in large numbers, inflict damage as much as possible, retreat back to the compound, or try to avoid getting spotted when heading to the hostage rescue zone. If the terrorists are unable to resist the Counter-Terrorist's siege, try to direct the surviving terrorists to guard the abandoned pathways or the rescue zone. This time, if the tank does not have a Counter-Terrorists, the tank will serve well in preventing the Counter-Terrorists in advancing forward with the hostages.