Jamie Mactaggart
Jamie Mactaggart
Born c. 1979
Nationality Canada flag Canadian
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ TyR

Jamie Mactaggart is a level designer for Counter-Strike. He was an employee of Barking Dog Studios and is the creator of Backalley.


Jamie Mactaggart had always felt that he wanted to be part of the games industry, but didn't know exactly what part of game design he wanted to be involved with.[1] However once Quake was released, it became clear to him that level design was his true calling.[1] The first proper Quake map he designed was for a modification called Threewave CTF.[2]

He got his first job as a contractual level designer at the age of 16.[1] Mactaggart also became part of TeamFortress Software at very early stages when they were working on the original Quake-based Team Fortress as he felt that it offered more design options compared to Threewave CTF.[2][3][4] When Valve Software acquired the company in May 1998,[5] Mactaggart would serve as the lead level designer on a contractual basis for the first iteration of the Half-Life-based Team Fortress, Valve's Team Fortress.[1][6]

In June 1999, Jamie was employed by Barking Dog Studios.[7] When the company was contracted by Valve Software to assist in the development of Counter-Strike Beta 5, Mactaggart contributed to the development by designing the map Backalley. Backalley was also made part of the retail edition, though since Valve Software had paid for the development of Beta 5 they already owned the rights to the map and did not need to purchase it from Mactaggart separately.[8]

In 2007, Mactaggart started working as a lead designer at Relic Entertainment.[9] He then landed at Ubisoft Toronto in 2013 before ending up at Aquent in 2015.[9]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Backalley Cs t Level designer 1999


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