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This article is about the map by Dan Haigh. For the map by Nick Coombe originally called Junglecamp, see Downed.

Jungle Camp (cs_junglecamp)[1] was a hostage rescue map that was featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during its development.


As the name suggests, the map bore a jungle theme. Both the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists started off in the jungle on opposite sides of the map.[2] The Counter-Terrorists had to make their way to the camp in order to rescue the hostages.[2] Inside the camp was a large building that functioned as some sort of research facility.[3]

There were two routes for the Counter-Terrorists to the camp itself, a main route via a small cavern and an alternate route via a river (and sewers). The camp itself was surrounded by walls and there was a central watchtower for overseeing the facility.


Jungle Camp was designed by Dan Haigh when Gearbox Software was in charge of the development on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Inspiration for the map was taken from the Predator film series.[4][5]

The map made numerous media appearances during Gearbox Software's development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, including some video coverage by GameSpot.[6] In addition, a scripted sequence involving the Terrorists and hostages was featured in the official trailer.

When Ritual Entertainment took over development of Condition Zero, the map was likely scrapped. However, the textures and possibly some of the geometry were reused for the DrugLab mission.


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