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The Japanese Kidotai is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and Counter-Strike (Xbox).


The Japanese Kidotai are special riot units in Japan used for crowd control and response to large public disturbances. They were formed after riots at the Imperial Palace in 1952.

Map Appearances

They appear in all Japanese based missions. In all missions, they face the Akunin.


In Hankagai, they are ordered to protect Mr. Yoshida. They only assist the player by briefing and supporting during the beginning of the mission and by radio near the end of the mission.


In Fastline they brief the player during the introduction, and assist him during most of the mission. They are not seen in the final combat scene.

Truth in Chaos

In Truth in Chaos, they brief the player in the introduction. While the player is in charge of finding the location of the VX Gas and rescuing hostages, they fight the Akunin members in the courtyard.


In Run!, they only assist the player via radio communication. At mid-point, they attempt to evacuate the player by sending him a chopper but unfortunately, it is shot down by the Akunin and crashes. They finally send a truck to extract the player.


  • The models of the Kidotai are based on the models of GSG-9 and GIGN.
    • The Kidotai do not have their own spawn code. Instead, they use same spawn code as the GSG-9.
    • In the Deleted Scenes mission Fastline, several Kidotai with GSG-9 heads can be seen.
  • The Kidotai is tied with the U.S. Navy Seals (and SAS counting their appearance in Alamo) for appearing in the most missions in Deleted Scenes.

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