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Ladders are found in levels of the Counter-Strike series for ascending and descending. They are considered parts of the map in the engine, and thus ladders can take the form of non-ladder objects when paired with non-ladder props, such as pipes, ropes, vent doors, street lights, wooden pillars or vines.





In Counter-Strike, climbable props besides ladders appear in the following maps:

  • Backalley, a climbable street light near the "Pop Dog" sign.
  • Survivor, pipes on some buildings at the abandoned village, near the terrorist spawn.
  • 747, a climbable pipe to descend to the first hostage rescue zone, near the plane.
  • Siege, a climbable vent door on top of a Jeep.

  • Fastline, a climbable vent door in the elevator. Since every original Counter-Strike map is in Condition Zero, there are climbable props from the original maps that still can be climbed in Condition Zero.

In Deleted Scenes, climbable props besides ladders appear in these missions:

  • Counter Terrorist Training, during the pipe-climbing course before the tank.
  • Recoil, after turning a corner after passing a closed well, the player should go forward a couple more steps, turn around, and climbable pipes will lead to a platform with a terrorist, some ammo, and a medkit.
  • Motorcade Assault, a vine covered wooden pillar that can let the player descend to a platform to obtain a kevlar vest and a P228.
  • Thin Ice, a climbable pole at the edge of the boat.
  • Alamo, climbable pipes are next to a garbage dumpster.
  • Truth in Chaos, a climbable vent door to get into the vent.
  • Sandstorm, there are climbable pipes before the player needs to detonate a chemical tank.

  • Militia, a climbable attached rope to the left of the house, leading to the balcony.

  • Cobblestone, a climbable vine near Mid.
  • Mirage, a ladder is present in Ladder Room, which drops into Window.

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