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Keep an eye out for mines.
SEAL Team 6, DrugLab

The Land Mine or Mine for short is an anti-personnel explosive device that is mainly used for defensive area denial.


  • Most land mines that appear are already deployed on the field. They can easily spotted as they are not buried and having a glowing red light.
  • The mine detonates simply upon being stepped on and does 666 single-target damage. It cannot be triggered with other means.


The mine appears as a grey metal device with a red pressure plate the emits a red glowing light atop of it. As previously mentioned, only the Guerilla Warfare has made use of this device.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Mission Map Number Locations
DrugLab cz_druglab2 3 Front Entrance~ [3]
Downed Pilot cz_downed2 4 Airplane~ [2], Bridge [2]
For visual locations, refer to the gallery.
~ means an NPC will step on a single mine and kill themselves.

Bugs & Exploits

If a mine has been previously detonated by a (non-scripted) NPC, the mine can still kill the player on contact.


  • The Deleted Scenes depict the mines as visible and spotting a glowing red light to indicate their presence, despite the inverse being true in real life.
  • Both missions featuring mines have an NPC that is scripted into triggering them as to warn the player of the presence of mines.
    • In DrugLab, a SEAL runs into one right after Spider Team was warned about their presence on radio.
    • In Downed Pilot, a Guerilla Warfare member runs into one as the player approaches the airplane. This scene is somewhat comic as another mine is barely a couple of inches next to it.
  • If an NPC other than those scripted to step on a mine does so, they will die without being sent flying like they normally would. Regular death animations or gibing occur.
  • In Secret War, when Yuri is ordered to plant a bomb, the explosive appears as the land mine.

Behind the scenes

  • The mines were to appear in Rogue Entertainment's build of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
    • These mines, also nicknamed "Bouncing Betty" (after the WWII German S-Mine), would emit a sound when stepped on. If the player that stepped on one of them tried moving away, the mine would explode killing the player.
      • A Counter-Terrorist equipped with the universal tool could defuse these mines, even after having stepped on one of them.