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Lobby is a pre-game screen feature available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Lobby option first time introduced in 13 Jun, 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta's Update[1] and improved in later updates.


Scaleforum UI[]

  • Lobby is accessible via main menu using "PLAY WITH FRIENDS" or "PLAY WITH FRIENDS (WINGMAN)".
  • Prime players is highlighted by Prime symbol behind avatar in Lobby.
  • Lobby leader can set lobby permission settings and matchmaking settings.
  • Everyone can change equipped items in inventory and inspect items.
  • Everyone can change "Teammate Color".

Panorama UI[]

  • Lobby is automatically created when player invites at least one friend using Friend List UI.
  • Everyone can change "Preferred Color".


  • Feature allows invite players and play together to one from 5 official playable game mode by selecting designated map group or map(s).
  • Lobby leader is highlighted by unique border around avatar, also can kick players from lobby.
  • Player can join thought Friends list UI from Main Menu by clicking "Nearby lobbies" icon and select destined game mode from drop-down list.

Available Permission settings[]

  • Friends Need Invites
  • All Friends Can Join
  • Friends and Group Can Join (not available in Perfect World client)
  • Friends and Nearby Can Join
  • Friends, Group, and Nearby (not available in Perfect World client)


In Game[]

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