Lambda logo This article or section refers to legacy content that was inherited from previous game and/or engine releases and were not meant for use in the current game and/or engine but may show up in the in-game files.
Hl1 longjump
Long Jump Module
Alternate name(s) Long Jump, LJ, LJM
Entity name item_longjump

The Long Jump Module is an item in all GoldSrc games that allows its user to perform long jumps.


When picked up, it allows players to perform long jumps. Long jumps are performed by getting a running start, then performing a duck jump at the end of the run. (Moving forward with 'W', then 'Ctrl + Space').

Bugs & Exploits

  • The item was unstable during early releases of the Counter-Strike Beta, capable of causing the game to crash by picking it or by using it several times in a quick succession.
  • If spawned through the "give" command in the Deleted Scenes, the game will crash unless a module already existed on the current map and had been pre-cached during the map load.



  • The Long Jump Module is available because the GoldSrc games share Half-Life's pre-caching.
  • Although not making any official appearances in the series, it can be placed in custom maps.
  • They can be spawned in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.
  • Due to the lack of the "give" command in the multiplayer games, they can only be placed during a map's creation.

Behind the Scenes

The Long Jump Module was originally supposed to overload when used several times in a row as evidenced by ("powermove_overload.wav" in the folder "sound/fvox"), located in Half-Life's files.

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