Luke Whiteside
Luke Whiteside
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ weasl

Not to be confused with Weasel, a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Tour of Duty Terrorist bot.

Luke Whiteside is a level designer for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. He is the creator of Fastline as well as several single-player missions.


Luke Whiteside entered the world of level design with Duke Nukem 3D.[1] He got more serious with level design by the time Quake was released and founded the mod development team Omega in 1997.[2] Later that year the team released the partial conversion Deathmatch eXtreme.[2][3] In late 1997 he also founded the website 3D Mapping Guild devoted to mapping for the Quake engine.[4]

Whiteside got his first job in the industry at Ion Storm in 1999 where he was responsible for level design on Daikatana and Anachronox.[1][5][6] Luke was employed by Ritual Entertainment in October 2001.[7] When development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike (Xbox) was handed over to Ritual Entertainment in August 2002, Whiteside got to leave his mark on the Counter-Strike series.

Luke Whiteside contributed a total of three single-player missions and one multiplayer level for the games. However, in June 2003 Ritual Entertainment encountered financial trouble and some employees including Luke Whiteside were let go.[8][9] Likely because of this, these levels were never fully completed while he was working on the titles.[10]

Since working at Ritual Entertainment, Whiteside has worked at various game development studios including Acclaim Studios, Midway Games, Monolith Productions and Terminal Reality.[7]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Fastline Csx t Cscz t Level designer 2003
Fastline Csczds t Level designer 2003
Lost Cause Csczds t Level designer 2003
Recoil Csczds t Level designer 2003


  • Two of his missions, Recoil and Fastline are both the start of the storylines.


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