CSGO MP5-SD Inventory
Alternate name(s) MP5
Game(s) Game icon 730
Price $1500
Origin Germany flag Germany
Caliber 9mm caliber
Magazine capacity 30 / 120
Firing mode(s) Automatic
Rate of fire 750
Used by Terrorists
Reload time 2.97
Movement speed
(units per second)
Kill Award $600 (Competitive)
$300 (Casual)
Damage 27
Recoil Control 85%
Accurate Range 15m
Armor Penetration 62.5%
Penetration Power 100
Range Modifier 0.85
Entity weapon_mp5sd

Often imitated but never equaled, the iconic MP5 is perhaps the most versatile and popular SMG in the world. This SD variant comes equipped with an integrated silencer, making an already formidable weapon whisper-quiet.
―Official description

This article is about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon. For the placeholder weapon cut during the development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, see MP5 SD (cut weapon).

The MP5-SD is a weapon available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive added in the August 15, 2018 patch. It is a successor to the MP5 seen in the previous Counter-Strike games.


The MP5-SD is a submachine gun featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an alternative to the MP7 and is available to both teams. It was added as part of the August 15, 2018 update. Unlike the MP5 that was featured in earlier games, it features an integrated silencer, and can not be removed.

The max audible distance of firing sound the MP5-SD is 1000 units[1].


Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 107 66
Chest & Arm 26 16
Stomach 33 20
Leg 20 20
Red signifies a fatal hit.


  • The MP5-SD is suppressed, which greatly reduces its firing sound and allows for more stealthy engagements than the MP7.

Update History

October 3, 2018
  • Enabled MP5-SD in official Competitive Matchmaking.
August 21, 2018
  • Enabled MP5-SD in Wingman matches.
August 15, 2018
  • Added the all new MP5-SD, available for testing Offline and in Official Casual and Deathmatch servers. It can be equipped in your MP7 loadout slot.

Behind the Scenes

Ct loadout mp5sd walkup hlmv

Animation found in animset_uiplayer.mdl.

  • Before its release, the weapon's outline, HUD and kill icons were added to the game files (iconlib.swf) in the March 15, 2017 update.
  • A dashboard animation called ct_loadout_mp5sd_walkup was added to the game's animset_uiplayer.mdl file in the June 19, 2018 update.
  • Sound files folder[2] and sound mixer script file[3] refers weapon as "MP5".

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