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Magnus Lind is a level designer for Counter-Strike. He is the creator of Mansion.


Magnus Lind's initial dabble in level design was with Quake II. Even though he never released any maps for the game, it was the game that spurred his interest for level design in general. When Half-Life was released, Magnus thought that the Worldcraft level editor was great and thus he started playing around with it.[1]

The first map that Magnus Lind released to the public was a map for Team Fortress Classic (another Half-Life mod) called SpyHard.[2] Even though the map was poorly received by the community, it attracted the attention of Jess Cliffe. Cliffe sent an e-mail to Lind asking him to design a map for Counter-Strike for its upcoming first beta release. Magnus initially declined, but quickly changed his mind. Thus, he designed Mansion, which was officially released as part of beta 1.0.[1]

Magnus Lind had plans to design a second map (an assassination map) for the game, but due to lack of time he never finished the map.[1]

In addition to Counter-Strike, Magnus Lind has also contributed to the level design of Tzar: The Burden of the Crown.[1]

List of maps[]

Official maps[]

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Mansion Beta Level designer 1999