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The main menu is the opening screen of games throughout the Counter-Strike series. Using buttons on the main menu allow the player to access many different in-game options, including the option to find and play a round of game.


Mainmenu cs

The main menu of Counter-Strike.

The main menu of Counter-Strike is minimalist and contain a list of basic gameplay options for the player.

The options are:

  • New Game
  • Find Servers
  • Options
  • Quit

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Mainmenu cscz

The main menu of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

The main menu of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is largely identical to the main menu of Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike: Source

Mainmenu css

The main menu of Counter-Strike: Source.

The main menu of Counter-Strike: Source is once again minimalist like older games, instead it has new options: Achievements, Report Bug, Replays, and Video Stress Test.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Scaleforum UI

The options are:

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the menu has been significantly updated with more features.

The player can access their Inventory and use the In-game Store from this screen.

The menu background changes depending on seasonal events such as Operations. It also has a snow falling animation during Christmas in the past.

Name Image Notes
Friends list
Csgoui mainmenu friendslistUI
Friendlist display current friends status or status in-name know as "Rich Presence",additionally allows to player to invite to Lobby or browse nearby lobbies for desired game mode.
Sfui mainmenu news
Display news from Official CS GO Blog.




Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive





  • In Deleted Scenes, the player can access the servers tab by pressing the Steam button on the bottom right of the main menu. However, since it is a singleplayer game, the function must have been unthought of prior to its release.
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