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Martin is a SEAL Team 6 operative that appears in DrugLab, the fifth mission of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. He is armed with an XM1014.


Martin is named like this when an officer, when the player gets off the helicopter, says:- Spider team, we split up. You and Martin go to the main entrance.- Martin has a balaclava covering his face. His death is scripted, because when you go close to him he will run on a Land Mine and will die.


  • If you go with godmode and noclip on the mine where Martin dies (without triggering Martin and making he going on the mine) the Land Mine will not explode.
  • You can break the script. If you throw a HE Grenade on Martin, he will escape from the grenade and runs towards you, or distant from the grenade. He can follow you if you press USE on him. But if you go in the trigger zone, even if he is very distant from there, he will start running towards the Land Mine, dying.
  • Martin is immortal and can't be stunned by gunfire. If you shoot on him, you can see that he doesn't says to you to stop and he will not lose blood.
  • Some report says that Martin in reality is the operative without the balaclava armed with a Schmidt Scout, the one that in the starts does a speech.
  • Martin does not have unique voice lines.