Maverick Developments Ltd. was a game development studio based on the east coast of England. They are perhaps best known for developing the Half-Life mods Wanted! and Redemption. Their contribution to the Counter-Strike series consist of the training map included with the retail version of Counter-Strike.


Maverick Developments was originally formed by Phil Daniels in 1998 as the label under which his upcoming mod Wanted! The Quake II Western Pack was going to be released.[1] The first actual release by Maverick Developments was Drug Barons, which was mostly developed by Daniels.

Phil Daniels met Tony Newton via the Half-Life mailing list and the two decided to collaborate in the development of a mod which eventually became Redemption for Half-Life.[2] The first version of this mod was released on October 18, 1999.[3]

The release was a success and the mod reached 100 000 downloads during its first week of release.[2] This also attracted the attention of Valve Software who offered to purchase the rights to the mod and release it as a retail product, a deal which Maverick Developments accepted.[2][4] Perhaps in order to facilitate selling the rights to the mod, Maverick Developments was officially registered as a legal entity on October 2, 2000.[5] In late October 2000, Maverick Developments employed a total of 10 persons.[4]

As part of the deal struck with Valve Software, Maverick Developments was also offered further projects by Valve.[2] Both Wanted! and Redemption were released at retail as part of Half-Life: Counter-Strike.[4] In addition, a training room was designed for the retail edition of Counter-Strike by Maverick Developments.[6]

On July 10, 2007, Maverick Developments was dissolved as a legal entity.[5]


  • 1999 – Drug Barons
  • 1999 – Redemption
  • 2000 – Wanted!
  • 2000 – Counter-Strike (Retail edition training map)
  • 2000 – Gunman Chronicles (Demo version)


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