Mike Rosser
Mike Rosser
Born 1981
Nationality Uk flag British
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ +Cadaver+

Mike Rosser is a level designer for Counter-Strike. He is most known for his map Vegas.


Mike Rosser got his start in game editing with Half-Life. He got drawn into Counter-Strike during its very first beta, since he felt that it had a lot of similarities to another mod, Action Quake 2, that he had been playing a lot previously. He would've liked to get into mapping sooner, but his limited experience with modding made him wait about a year before he attempted any serious mapping.[1]

The first map Rosser designed for Counter-Strike was Trinity, and he managed to get it into the official map rotation in time for beta 6.5. It's appearance in the mod was very short-lived, however. His second entry into the mod was Vegas, which was a lot more successful than his previous map.

Rosser eventually moved on from Counter-Strike and started mapping for other mods, including Frontline Force and Natural Selection, and even became the joint project leader of the Science and Industry mod.[2]

On a professional level he has been working in game design at Elixir Studios, Rebellion, Soho Productions and finally at Marmalade Game Studio, where he is currently employed.[3]

List of maps

Official maps

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Trinity Beta Level designer 2000
Vegas Beta Level designer 2000

Custom maps

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Ascension[4][5] Cs t Level designer 2000


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