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This Music Kit is part of StatTrak™ Radicals Box

Roam delivers fast, straight-forward Pop Punk that gets crowd and players alike moving. Prove you have a Backbone with this perfect soundtrack for rushing in and obliterating the other team before they even realize they're deadweight.

Backbone by Roam is a custom Music Kit available in Global Offensive as part of the November 28, 2016 update.

Only available in the StatTrak™ quality.


Event Preview
Main Menu Theme
Round MVP Anthem
Choose Team
Won Round
Lost Round
Death Cam
Bomb Planted
Bomb 10 Seconds Countdown
Round 10 Seconds Countdown
Start Round (var. 1)
Start Round (var. 2)
Start Round (var. 3)
Start Action (var. 1)
Start Action (var. 2)
Start Action (var. 3)