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The Negev is a beast that can keep the enemy at bay with its pin-point supressive fire, provided you have the luxury of time to gain control over it.
―Official description

The Negev is a machine gun featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Counter-Strike 2.


The IMI Negev is an Israeli machine gun made by Israel Military Industries. The Negev in CS:GO is the commando variant, which has a shortened barrel, and the standard issue bipod was replaced by foregrip to improve mobility.

The Negev is available for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists to purchase. Temporarily made unavailable in Competitive Matchmaking after the March 24, 2017 update, it was added back following the April 12, 2017 update.

The Negev carries a 150-round magazine, 50 more than the M249, has a higher fire rate than the M249, and is significantly cheaper at $1700 (originally, it had the price tag of $5700), compared to the M249's $5200 price tag. Like the M249, the weapon is heavy, has a long reload time, and has good penetration power.

For the first 10 shots when firing continuously, the Negev is extremely inaccurate, easily the most inaccurate weapon in the game when bursted. However, the recoil pattern is unique in that after sustained fire, it concentrates on a point above the crosshair, with very little movement afterwards, allowing for very accurate continuous shots without much need for compensation. The weapon's movement spread is quite strong however, and the player is slowed down when firing (the only weapon in the game with this property), discouraging firing on the move.

The intended strategy is using the weapon in a suppressive role, firing the weapon in long periods to suppress enemies, discouraging the enemies from rushing through chokepoints. In practice, many preferred to pre-fire the weapon to catch enemies by surprise and continue firing until they kill their target, though this is ineffective due to the movement penalty and high movement spread.

The weapon deals somewhat high damage, but is unable to kill in one headshot against armored opponents, which the M249 can do (at close range). However, the Negev will deal exactly 99 damage on a headshot against a helmeted enemy at close range, allowing them to be easily finished.



Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored
Head 140 99
Chest & Arm 35 24
Abdomen & pelvis 43 31
Leg 26 26
Red signifies a fatal hit
Movement speed in hammer units per second
Running 150
Walking 78
Crouch walking 51
Running while firing 75
Walking while firing 39
Crouched walking while firing 26


  • The Negev is designed as a defensive tool to deter rushes, and is ultimately more suited to CT side for Bomb Defusal and T side for Hostage Rescue. Where defending a key area requires less players when one has sufficient suppressive fire.
  • After the first 15 rounds are fired, the Negev's recoil is eliminated and bullets concentrate to the upper right of the crosshair. Adjust your aim accordingly.
  • The firing sound, although distinctive is quite quiet, but does change in pitch if the user is moving, walking or standing still. Against the Negev, be cognoscenti of when the user is moving while firing and rotate to get around it.
  • Having your whole team buy Negevs and armor works a practical strategy. As for the same price of buying an AK-47 by itself, you and your team can spray down areas at a combined 4,000 rounds per minute.
  • The large magazine capacity and extremely cheap price can let you glass cannon the Negev in a sense if you buy it with a Smoke Grenade for force-buy strategies. On areas of maps, such as B tunnels on Dust 2, spray through the corridor to deter the rush. Even though they'd theoretically kill you with ease, the suppression is often too intimidating for most players.
    • Or, if your team is smart, have a teammate buy armor and another drop them a Negev, while the rest of the CT side buys Five-SeveNs and push unoccupied areas. By the time the smoke wears out, the CT's will have boxed in the T side and cut them down.
  • Switch to a sidearm or the knife if you need to run, as the Negev has the highest movement speed penalty of all weapons.
  • Maintain awareness of your position and angles that snipers can possibly take to quickly kill the user.
  • For 150 rounds, a six-second reload in practice isn't terribly long as the payoff is zero-recoil, uninterrupted automatic fire.

Update History

March 22, 2018
  • Improved accuracy while firing in bursts
  • Slightly reduced time until significant accuracy recovery
  • Price lowered to $1700
  • Reduced armor penetration
  • Movement speed is significantly reduced while firing
April 12, 2017
  • For a limited time, the Negev and R8 Revolver are available in Competitive Matchmaking.
  • Price reduced to 2000 as a starting point, to promote experimentation with the weapon.
March 24, 2017
  • R8 Revolver and Negev have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking as they undergo substantial revision.
  • New attributes to promote suppressive fire.
  • Reduced price.
  • New sounds that dynamically indicate weapon accuracy.


Weapon Specialist
Negev Expert csgo Negev Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the Negev.


  • Oddly, if carrying a hostage, the player moves faster while wielding the Negev. This also applies for the M249.


  • In early versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the player character's left hand held the Negev by the body. Following an update, the player character's left hand held the Negev by its canted foregrip.
  • When the player runs out of reserve ammo, the draw animation will change, with the cocking motion removed. Oddly, when there is still loaded ammunition left, the ammo belt will be absent during the draw animation, but will reappear when the animation ends.
  • Prior to the April 12th, 2017 update, the Negev had the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the Counter-Strike series, being at over 1000 RPM. Before Global Offensive however, the P90 held this title at 900 RPM. The P90 once again holds the record since the Negev's RPM has been lowered down to 800 RPM.
    • The real-life Negev can actually adjust its rate of fire on the field, ranging from 850 to 1150 rounds per minute.
  • Prior to an update, the Negev was the most expensive weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at $5700. Then, it was reduced to $2000, then to $1700, leaving the M249 the most expensive weapon in the Counter-Strike series.
  • Following the April 12th, 2017 re-work, the Negev was given the new nickname of the "Laser Beam".
  • The recoil mechanics added to the Negev on the March 24, 2017 update are similar to what was planned be used for the M60 during the development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (Gearbox build).
  • Prior to CS2, the Negev is the only weapon to undergo two sound changes.

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