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Nuke (de_nuke), is a Bomb Defusal map featured in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The map takes place in a warehouse containing nuclear materials or a nuclear power plant. In Global Offensive, the original version of the map takes place a German nuclear power plant, while the revamped version takes place in an American one.

Unlike most Counter-Strike bomb defusal maps, the map revolves around a central structure rather than multiple lanes, with the two bombsites being overlapped on top of each other.

Official description


Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing the nuclear reactor. The reactor can be targeted from above and below. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the nuclear missile.

Other Notes: There are 2 bomb targets in the mission.

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Terrorists: A silent alarm has been tripped by the guard shack at the MAC Nuclear Power Plant. We will enter from the back side of the plant and secure the area.

Terrorists: Our target is a recently decommissioned nuclear power plant that still contains spent fuel rods. Security is at an all time low since the plant's closure and the fuel rods are scheduled for removal next week. Plant the C4 in the fuel rod room, or the room directly above it to destroy the cooling pools and melt down the reactor.

Other Notes: There are 2 bomb targets in the mission.

Journal Description

Cedar Creek Nuclear Powerplant: new toxic room, same problem of terrorists wanting to blow it up.

Development History


de_nuke consisted of an abandoned facility responsible for guarding a nuclear missile and had its security breached by the Terrorists who had intentions in destroying the area. Meanwhile, the Counter-Terrorists were ordered to protect the building at all costs by either eliminating the enemy or defuse the bomb.

Generally, the map reused the sky and the desert textures from the Half-Life level "Surface Tension". Elsewhere, the integrity of the facility contained textures from multiple maps originating from Half-Life.

Beta 4.0

Nuke was introduced to the game as one of the first maps available for the Bomb Defusal gamemode, alongside Prodigy and Dust. There were several major differences compared to the retail version.

  • CT spawn was closer to the main building.
  • The two vents between the bombsites were not linked.
  • The Basement/"fake bombsite B" was missing.
  • The truck near T spawn was missing.
  • The lighting outdoors was slightly different.
  • The cricket noises were missing.

Beta 5.0

The map was updated to be nearly identical to its retail counterpart. The differences include outdoors lighting which was the same as Beta 4.0, and that the broken crate in Basement was destructible.

Counter-Strike: Source

The desert textures were replaced with concrete and the sky no longer contained the canyons that it once had. Furthermore, the side yard/outside has been enlarged into a more wide-open spaced setting and the Black Mesa storage containers were replaced by the "Starline" logo. The environment of de_nuke was changed to more of an industrial area and is located within civilization. The building itself has been changed to nuclear power plant rather than a nuclear missile storage. Lighting has also increased as well.

The vent is now also larger, compared to the original version. As such, players no longer need to crouch within the vent.

Instead of having a basement, it is now called the "backway". This area is much smaller and lacks automated doors. The pathway also is much shorter when compared to Counter-Strike 1.6, thus allowing the CTs to rush to Bombsite B in many different ways.

When the bomb went off, an alarm would sound.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


The original Global Offensive version is largely a copy of the Source version, with some changes in the looks of the map and gameplay. In the Beta version, all the hallways in the basement has been removed, leaving only Ramp and Vents the entrances to the bombsite.

During the Beta, professional player and mapper Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo created his own version of the Global Offensive Nuke, named de_nuke_ve, which made many changes to the map and was accepted by tournaments as "a competitive revision" of the map. On the December 12, 2012 Update, Valve incorporated changes from Volcano's version of Nuke into the Global Offensive Nuke.[1]

In the final version, the crates at Bombsite A and the nuclear missile in Bombsite B have been replaced with nuclear containment barrels. A somewhat significant change in the structure of the map is that the entrance to the lower area of the facility from the outside has been moved slightly away from the CT Spawn Zone and the basement has been removed. Instead of having two pathways, one of the lesser used pathways near bombsite B has been converted into a storage room.


Following the revamp of Train, Nuke was removed from the Active Duty map group and replaced by Train after the March 31, 2015 update. Nuke was later revamped and released alongside Operation Wildfire, incorporating a lot of the feedback to balance out the new version. Shortly after, Nuke was re-introduced to the active map pool, replacing Inferno.

Some of the revamped Nuke's major changes include removing one of the vents between bomb sites, re-opening the access from tunnels to Lower B, blocking access to part of Upper A and easier access to Silo.

The ventilation covers connecting Site A and B can now be interacted with to close and open them, shutting off sight lines. They can still be destroyed normally.

As of now, the official factions are the FBI for the Counter-Terrorist side and the Phoenix Connexion as the Terrorists.


Nuke Map Veteran css Nuke Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on the DE_Nuke map.

Global Expertise
Nuke Map Veteran csgo Nuke Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on Nuke.

Cut Content

Behind the scenes

  • Map was supposed to be Hostage Rescue mode, according to interview with Jo "MEEEEDIC" Bieg to web site[3].



  • Prior to the 1.6 version, the crate at the basement near bombsite B could be destroyed with weapons. The crate was made unbreakable in 1.6.
  • A HECU Radio prop from Half-Life can be found on the map.


  • Three fire extinguishers can be found around the map. If shot at, the fire extinguishers will emit gas. These can be used for concealment purposes, similar to the Smoke Grenade.
    • If the C4 successfully detonates in either bombsite, an alarm will sound.
  • In Counter-Strike: Source, the radar will show green color (similar to nightvision color).
  • The truck near the Terrorist Spawn Zone and the cars in the background have California license plates with "DE_NUKE" displayed on them. These could also be seen in the original Global Offensive version.
  • A toll booth with the bloody corpse of a security officer can be found near the Terrorist Spawn Zone. This can also be found in the original Global Offensive version.
    • In Global Offensive, the guard's facial model is reused from the "male 07" citizen facial model in Half-Life 2.
  • The name of the nuclear station is MAC Nuclear Power Plant.
    • The map has hidden big red letters that say "MAC Man", which is a reference to Chris Ashton, aka MacMan.

Global Offensive original

  • The nuclear storage containers located at both bombsites would not actually fit through the bay doors in the hangar they occupy.
  • The map was featured in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer.
    • In the trailer, the Phoenix Connexion were featured as the terrorists, while the GSG-9 were the counter-terrorists. Prior to the map's revamp, the map's Ts and CTs were always Balkans and SAS respectively.
    • According to the trailer, Nuke is set in Harz, Germany at around 5:25 (GMT+1) in the afternoon.
  • The map is located in Harz, Germany. This is based on map elements found in-game, with the name of the nuclear power plant is "Harz Kernkraftwerk" (Harz Nuclear Power Plant) and the company managing it is "Harz Energiewerk Süd GmbH" (South Harz Power Plant GmbH).
    • "Kernkraftwerk Harz" can also be seen on the original Nuke Collection badge.
    • According to posters found around the plant, Harz Kernkraftwerk was to begin these decommission events between 1993 and 2010: Removal of nuclear fuel and waste would occur from 1993, then dismantling of areas outside the control room from 1997, dismantling of the control room and reactor from 1998, and then demolition of the plant by 2010.
  • A hidden plaque can be found on top of the crane in ramp, acknowledging the map's original creator Jo Bieg and the works Turtle Rock Studios did in making the Source version, which Global Offensive inherited.

Global Offensive revamped

  • The map takes place in the "Rust Belt" of the United States[4], in the fictional location of Cedar Creek as the Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant. The power plant is managed by a division of Radcorp.
  • In the map's "trophy" area, several safety awards can be seen prominently displayed. These include four "Star of Excellence" awards, four "Safety" awards, and three "Platinum" awards, all of which were awarded between 2009 and 2014.
  • There are many crates and containers with the V. Shipping Corporation logo on them, which are also found in Train and on the Tactical Awareness Grenade.
  • The color of the Shipping Container located outside is blue on the official page image, but is red in-game.
  • The revamped version of Nuke was teased in the Counter-Strike Blog post "Reanimated" and the Steam guide "What is Tagging and how does it work?" by CS:GO Official, both of which contained in-dev images of the new Nuke.
  • The beeping sound the C4 emitted when planted at different bombsites was changed in the August 2, 2018 patch due to players often getting confused as to which bombsite it was planted at on this map.
  • Next to the stairs leading from the yard into the basement, there is a sign that says "SEC-RT," pointing at the stairs. This is a reference to players using the callout "Secret" for these stairs, as in previous versions of the map the stairs were largely concealed behind the warehouse.

Update History

December 6, 2023
  • Fix for the sun material not blooming and adjusted the size of the material
  • Cleaned up redundant skins on metal_door models to prevent workshop mappers hitting fatal errors for missing assets
  • Fixed a visibility bug at Garage when looking towards Hell
  • Changed the collision properties on railings to emit the correct footstep sounds
May 3, 2021
  • Fixed a clipping issue on window in T lobby
  • Centered a lamp that was bugging me
November 22, 2019
  • Brightened up corner by far vent in A site.
October 9, 2019
  • Fix for VPhysics Displacement bug
  • Removed invisible collision that could block shots between ramp and toxic on Bombsite B
August 19, 2019
  • Recompiled Nuke to fix several lighting problems on static props.
April 2, 2019
  • Fixed C4 stuck spot outside near silo
October 3, 2018
  • Made corridor leading to ramp room from T side slightly wider
  • Moved doors connected to trophy room slightly
  • Changed CT team to FBI
February 17, 2016
  • Nuke has returned (available in Matchmaking included in the Operation Wildfire map group). For more details, visit:
  • Updated the Nuke loading screen icon.
  • Now available in Competitive Matchmaking, and other game modes in the Operation Wildfire Map Group

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