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OilRig (as_oilrig) is an assassination map featured in Counter-Strike.


After a group of Terrorists discover an important criminal witness was hiding out in an oilrig, Counter-Terrorists prepare to protect him at all costs. The VIP must get to the extraction zone safely or suffer the consequences.

Due to the fact that Oilrig is the only official Counter-Strike map to have restricted weapons, it is the least popular official map. Furthermore, the confusing dark hallways and numerous areas can be a huge advantage for snipers. It is almost impossible to find a server that features Oilrig.

The Terrorist Team has the following weapons restricted: M3, XM1014, MP5, P90, Scout, SG552, G3SG1 and the M249.

The Counter-Terrorist team however, only have two of the sniper rifles restricted, namely the Steyr Scout and the AWP.

Official Description[]

OilRig - Assassination
Map by MacMan (
Textures by MacMan
Westland Wessex helicopter by Agent Orange

Background: The most important criminal witness in history has been hiding out on an oilrig as part of a witness protection program. But word is that his location has been discovered. A transport helicopter has been sent in to move the witness to a new location.

Counter-Terrorists: Protect the VIP at all costs. Escort him topside to the helicopter.

Terrorists: Eliminate the VIP before he escapes.


The map was designed by Chris "MacMan" Ashton and was one of the two initial maps released with the assassination mode itself in beta 6.0.

After its initial release, the map was only updated once. Initially making use of the Apache model from Half-Life for the transport helicopter, a custom Westland Wessex helicopter model was provided for the map by "Agent Orange" for beta 6.5.


  • Bots might have difficulties navigating the map. Terrorist bots may commit suicide while trying to enter the interior of the oilrig by falling off the map, while Counter-Terrorists bots will take the ladder into the pool located in the center of the map, forcibly drowning as they're unable to get out of there.
    • If a bot has been given the role of the VIP, the following problems may occur:
      1. Bots playing as the VIP aren't coded to avoid firefights. They'll aggressively engage the opposing team, most likely resulting in their death.
      2. It may prefer to focus on eliminating Terrorist assailants over reaching the VIP escape zone.
      3. It has some problems navigating through the map. The bot may sometimes even fall to its own death.
      4. If the bot runs out of ammo, it will rush at the enemy recklessly with the Knife. This is especially dangerous for the VIP when he is alone.
    • These problems usually do not occur when playing with POD bots, since they are less aggressive than Condition Zero bots.
    • There are lots of points that bots can take fall damage, and sometimes they will fall to their death even in the boundaries of the map. It's also common for the NPC to jump out of the boundaries and then die.
    • Some of the Terrorist bots may get stuck at the top of a ladder nearby the VIP escape zone in Condition Zero.
  • Although Terrorists cannot buy the Steyr Scout in Counter-Strike 1.5, pressing 5 on the keyboard while in the rifle buy list will allow you to purchase the Scout. This may have been caused by a menu error in the game which was fixed in Counter-Strike 1.6.
  • Due to a glitch, the sounds of the elevator moving can still be heard, even if it's not operating. In older version prior to 1.6, the noise may "stack" on each round making the elevator sounds extremely loud. Using command "stopsound" can be used to suppress the elevator noises.
  • It is possible for counter-terrorists to clip through a ceiling in spawn to the escape zone. A counter-terrorist crouches, then another jumps on his head, then the first CT stands up at the same time as they both jump. Then, the second CT will be standing in a normally inaccessible area. A third CT can then jump on the first CT's head and the same trick may be executed to clip the second CT to near the escape zone, and if the second CT is the VIP, then he will be able to reach the escape zone easily, assuming that the terrorists have taken logical camping spots.


As oilrig rooftextures

Textures on tower roof.

  • The roof of the tower has missing textures of pink with Half-Life lambda icons.
  • The helicopter cannot be piloted because it is a prop and it doesn't have a fly animation, unlike the Apache in Half-Life and the helicopters in Deleted Scenes.
  • Although the Terrorists spawn nearby the helicopter that the VIP requires to be evacuated with, the Terrorists cannot destroy the helicopter to prevent the VIP from escaping the oilrig.
  • Oilrig is the map with the highest number of possible environmental deaths in the Counter-Strike series:
    • It is possible to die "normally" from falling damage.
    • If a player falls off the map, they will instantly die. The console will say "(player name) killed self with trigger_hurt".
    • It is possible for a bot or a human player to drown if they spend too much time underwater, making it one of the only official maps (along with Survivor and Militia (by crouching in water) in the Counter-Strike series in which players can die by drowning. The console will say "(player name) killed self with worldspawn".
      • Players can only stay underwater for 11 seconds before they start losing health. Once the 11 seconds have elapsed, every subsequent second spent underwater deducts 5 health points from the player's health, and will continue to do so until the player resurfaces or dies. Once the player resurfaces, for each second they spend above the water, they will regain 10 health points. The 11 second counter resets as soon as the player surfaces from underwater.
    • It is possible for a player to be killed by getting crushed from the elevator platform in the oilrig. The console will say "(player name) killed self with door".
      • Before Counter-Strike 1.6, players may sometimes survive being crushed by the elevator as it deals 50 damage per crush.