Operation Bloodhound
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Release date May 26, 2015
Completion date October 1, 2015
Maps Agency Icon hostage.png, Log Icon c4.png, Rails Icon c4.png, Resort Icon c4.png, Season Icon c4.png, Zoo Icon c4.png
Weapon Case Falchion Case
Weapon Collections Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, The Rising Sun, Chop Shop
Campaigns Marksman, Revolution
Source Operation Bloodhound

The Operation Bloodhound pass

Operation Bloodhound was the sixth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation, succeeding Operation Vanguard.


Operation Bloodhound was announced as part of the May 26, 2015 update, introducing four new community created maps, while bringing back two past operation maps for the price of $5.99 USD/€5,49 EUR Icon-global-price-2.png. The Operation lasted until October 1, 2015.

The six chosen maps are available for free to all players on official servers.

Two campaigns are featured: Marksman for the Counter-Terrorists and Revolution for the Terrorists. Briefings for Marksman are narrated by Sebastien Hennequet, while briefings for Revolution are narrated by Valeria Jenner. Missions for each campaign can be progressed by any faction, except for Assassination and Guardian missions.


Hostage Rescue

Bomb Defusal

Other maps

Operation Bloodhound Coin

The Operation Bloodhound coin

Main article: Operation Coin

Like the previous operation, the Operation Bloodhound Coin tracked the player's mission completions in addition to competitive highlights on operation and active duty maps during the operation.

Badge Progress

  • Bronze: Purchase the pass
  • Silver: Accrue 9 stars
  • Gold: Accrue 14 stars

Operation Bloodhound Campaigns

Csgo op pic 5.png

Unlike the previous operation, Operation Vanguard, campaigns now include a full storyline to accompany each campaign. Additionally, missions no longer give the player drops, instead opting to give experience towards the player's profile rank. However, operation pass holders are eligible to receive an Operation Bloodhound exclusive drop when ranking up while eligible for a drop. Players can earn from 20,205 to 32,480 xp completing every mission, depending on if the player earns bonus xp.

Available Campaigns

A counter-terrorist centric campaign in which the player is tasked by Sebastien Hennequet to train, locate and eliminate the Phoenix Connexion terrorist, Chase Turner.
A terrorist centric campaign in which the player joins forces with Valeria Jenner and Chase Turner of the Phoenix Connexion to combat oppression.



  • The title image shows Sebastien Hennequet equipped with field gear and an AWP, in a jungle environment similar to the featured map Log.

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