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Operation Phoenix (styled as PHO3NIX), was the third Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation, following Operation Bravo. It was introduced on the February 20th, 2014 and was originally scheduled to last until June 4th, but the duration of the Operation was extended to June 11th.[1]


Operation Phoenix featured 8 top voted custom maps from previous operations selected by community popularity. After its release, players were able to purchase an Operation Phoenix pass for 2.99 USD. When purchased, buyers automatically received an Operation Phoenix bronze coin.

Like Bravo, the operation introduced a new case called the Operation Phoenix Case. Unlike the previous operation, the chance for the case to drop was originally exclusive to pass owners. However, as of the June 11, 2014 update, the weapon case is available to drop for all players.


Hostage rescue

Bomb Defusal

Operation Phoenix Coin

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Badge Progress

Coin Levels


  • The Counter-Terrorists featured in the title image are using a P90 Trigon and a Tec-9 Sandstorm from the Operation Phoenix collection and are standing in the featured Cache map.
    • Ironically, the Counter-Terrorists are seen firing towards the CT spawn, with the left CT aiming directly at the spawn locations.
  • The Phoenix in the name of the Operation likely refers to Phoenix Connexion, as the logo for Operation Phoenix is the same as the logo for the Phoenix Connexion that is shown in Phoenix Compound much later.

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