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The PGL Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass was purchasable during the PGL Antwerp 2022 CS:GO Major Championship, which gives access to the Pick'Em Challenge, unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event, chat flairs in and the ability to get souvenir drops.

It was available for purchase for $9.99 USD/€9.49 EUR/£7.99 GBP Icon-global-price-2.png, or users can purchase the Viewer Pass + Tokens to start with 3 souvenir packages tokens for $17.99 USD/€16.99 EUR/£14.49 GBP Icon-global-price-2.png which is a ~5% discount.

Viewer Pass Features

When you buy a pass, you instantly get a screen containing 9 missions that you need to complete in order to upgrade your PGL Antwerp 2022 Coin (that you also get instantly by buying the pass) and get souvenir drops.

Similar to the PGL Stockholm 2021 Pick'Em Challenge, you do not need to purchase stickers to play the Pick'em challenge.

Image from CS:GO Blog with team Graffiti and flairs

Team graffiti are selectable as part of the viewer pass from the graffiti menu and are infinite for the duration of the major. You also get to choose a team icon flair to use aside your username in chat.

Similar to the three previous majors, to be able to get a souvenir package, you must have activated a viewer pass, or else you are ineligible to receive souvenir tokens to claim packages.

PGL Antwerp Pick'Em Challenge

Pick'Em Selection Screen for the PGL Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage

This Pick'Em challenge uses a similar format to the previous three majors. A player can level up their coin by completing the following challenges:

  • Bronze Coin - 1-2 Challenges Complete
  • Silver Coin - 3-5 Challenges Complete
  • Gold Coin - 6-8 Challenges Complete
  • Diamond Coin - All 9 Challenges Complete


Whilst some previous viewer passes required players to play Competitive matches on the Active Duty maps or watch the games on Twitch or, this viewer pass only requires the player to complete tasks surrounding the Pick'Em Challenge.

  • Activate your coin before the tournament is over
  • Place all nine Pick'Em predictions for the Challengers Stage before it begins
  • Get five correct Pick'Em predictions for the Challengers Stage
  • Place all nine Pick'Em predictions for the Legends Stage before it begins
  • Get five correct Pick'Em predictions for the Legends Stage
  • Place all seven Pick'Em predictions for the Champions Stage before it begins
  • Place two correct Pick'Em predictions for the quaterfinals
  • Place one correct Pick'Em prediction for the semifinals
  • Make a correct Pick'Em prediction for the grand final


Whilst the PGL Antwerp 2022 viewer pass is not required for this content, 50% of proceeds to the cosmetic items sold go to the respective teams and players. This major does not feature team patches - they were introduced in the previous PGL Stockholm 2021 major, though are missing from this major.


For the full sticker information page, see PGL Antwerp 2022 Stickers

This is the first appearance of Glitter rarity stickers. Due to this, Holo is now an exotic rarity for these stickers. Foil stickers do not exist for this event. Also, autograph stickers have returned in full this major.

As usual there are 3 capsules (Legends, Challengers and Contenders), which are sold for $0.99 USD/€0.95 EUR/£0.79 GBP Icon-global-price-2.png. Each capsule contains stickers for 8 teams (in addition to the tournament organiser sticker), across 4 rarities:


Similar to previous majors with the viewer pass, the PGL Antwerp 2022 Team Graffiti has unlimited uses for the duration of the event for those who purchase the viewer pass.



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