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Party Mode is a temporary mode enabled on all official servers to celebrate the birthday of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It can manually be enabled by servers operators by using the setting sv_party_mode 1 in the server.cfg file.


Similar to holiday modes, when party mode is active, several cosmetic changes are made to assets in-game. For example, chickens wear party hats and explode confetti when killed, the Zeus x27s sprays confetti and plays noisemakers when fired, and the bomb releases confetti bursts and balloons when defused.

Console Commands[]

Server Variable
  • sv_party_mode
    • 0
    • Party!!


  • In August of 2015, party mode was enabled to commemorate the 3rd birthday of Global Offensive as well as ESL One Cologne 2015.[1]
    • Additionally, to promote the use of the Zeus x27, the buy price was changed to $100.


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