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Phoenix Facility (coop_kasbah) is part of the Operation Shattered Web and is a 2-player Co-op Strike mission. It is the second official Co-op map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In the March 31, 2020 update, the map was removed from the game files, making Phoenix Compound inaccessible in-game.


Preparation Area

The players begin the Co-Op Strike mission in a separate naval base where they will receive access to their equipment found in armored vehicles and in Grenade Boxes. It also has a whiteboard showing the mission's objectives.

Available Equipment

Players' armor will not drop below 100 when inside the base. Players get infinite backup ammunition when inside the base. Any skins the player own for the available weapons will be applied when the weapons are picked up.

The players deploy into the Phoenix Facility by having both players stand in a taped-off square next to a rubber boat.

There is a 5 minute time limit in the base separate from the actual mission's time limit.

Phoenix Facility

The level is based on the Danger Zone map Sirocco, the interior of the island modified into a penitentiary, laboratory, and chemical storage used by the Phoenix Connexion and Franz Kreigeld to develop the Danger Zone virus and experiment on their subjects. The two missions feature different portions of the facility.

As the players progress through the missions, they will find more weapons and grenades, Ammo Boxes to replenish ammo reserves, and additional Medi-Shots and Heavy Armor. The facility contains a number of Exploding Barrels that players can shoot at and detonate to kill enemies with.

Each part of the mission contains three Collectable Coins that award 5,000 to the players' final score when all three are picked up.


Virus Outbreak

In the first mission made available in the first week of the operation, Felix Riley sends the players to infiltrate the facility through the kasbah to recover a sample of the virus. They lose contact with Riley after going underground, and shortly after walk into a lockup containing a group of bloodthirsty test subjects, whereupon Franz Kreigeld begins taunting the players over the intercom, questioning their employment to Riley and his in-depth intel on the facility. After re-establishing contact with Riley, and rendezvousing to a helipad where he has sent an extraction helicopter, Kreigeld attacks them with missiles loaded with the spreading virus, forcing the helicopter to relocate deeper in the island.

The time limit for this mission is 45 minutes.

Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated

In the second mission made available in week 16 of the operation, Riley informs the players that his researchers have managed to use the virus sample to create a way to temporarily diffuse it, and that the operatives would be equipped with better communication devices that would maintain contact underground. The players are sent back to the island to destroy the facility and eliminate Franz Kreigeld.

After reaching the island by boat, the players use the Repulsor Device to maneuver to an entrance guarded by sentry guns. Inside, they descend down an elevator, plant explosive charges at two sets of chemical tanks, and begin to ascend back up the elevator, but are halted by Kreigeld long enough for the explosives to detonate and trap them inside the facility. There they make their way through the facility's maintenance areas to Kreigeld's office, along the way disabling the ventilation that kept the virus out of the facility, and eventually resurfacing to destroy Kreigeld's escape boat, presumably killing him, and evacuate.

The time limit for this mission is 45 minutes.


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