T pirate
Team Terrorists
Origin Somalia flag Somalia
Voiced By Dempsey Pappion

Now, let's get them off our island.

The Pirate is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Pirates were added in the August 10th, 2012 update.

Official Description

The modern pirates of the Horn of Africa claim their actions denote self defense of their territorial waters although the extortion and murder committed by the self-proclaimed “coast guard” belay these claims.


The appearance of the Pirates are inspired by the Somali Pirates. They wear white tank tops, woodland-patterned camouflaged cargo pants, and gray sneakers, and have belts of ammo strung across their shoulders and waist. They wear bandannas to conceal their face and hair, some also wear shades, and all wear blue backpacks.

Their accent, mannerisms, and appearances in multiple Carribbean locations suggests that they may be from the French Caribbean.[Needs Clarification]

Their hand model features bare tan arms and hands with a golden watch on the right arm.

Map Appearances


  • The Pirates appeared on Aztec in early beta stages instead of the Phoenix Connexion.
  • The Professionals, GSG-9, SWAT, and Pirates are the only factions in Global Offensive to have not appeared in core game mode maps for a period of time following the game exiting the beta, with the Pirates having this quality prior to the official inclusion of Shipped and after its removal.
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