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Pool Day (fy_pool_day) is a community map originally made for Counter-Strike. It was remade by the community for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and was planned to be featured in Operation Payback, but was cut before the release of the Operation.

The original Counter-Strike map was a very popular community map due to its fast and tight gameplay. It was ported to Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive by various creators. Multiple community remakes can be found on the Steam Workshop. The version made by leplubodeslapin was selected as the one that would've been featured in Operation Payback.


Pool Day is a small symmetrical fight yard (hence fy_ prefix) map originally created for Counter-Strike by Squall. Fight Yard is a community-created game mode where the buy menu is disabled and one team wins when they kill all enemies.

A bombsite exists on the map, but is often completely ignored by players.

Weapons were scattered over the floor of the both spawns. At the bottom of the pool in the middle are multiple HE grenades.

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