Port (de_port) is an official bomb defusal map in Counter-Strike: Source.

It is one of the less popular bomb defusal maps, due to somewhat big open spaces and the amount of snipers the map usually has, similar to Compound. Also, probably another reason of its inpopularity was that the Terrorists frequently can quickly get to bombsite B before the Counter-Terrorists do.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Rebel separatists seek to disrupt economically-vital shipping operations along the northern coast. They must not succeed!

Terrorists: Your squad of independence fighters has been tasked with destroying economically-significant shipping targets at vulnerable coastal ports.

Other Notes: There are 2 targets in this mission.


Counter-Strike: Source


Port Map Veteran css.png Port Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on the DE_Port map.


  • Falling into the water will inflict 25 damage per second to players and will kill them.
    • Bots tend to fall into the water at Bombsite B around the boat when bunched up.
    • If players have died with this method, they will receive -1 score point.
  • The overall map design is similar to Gate 5 and Dock 137 that are featured in Half-Life 2.
  • This is one of the 2 maps in the Counter-Strike series that is Source-exclusive, while the other map that is also Source-exclusive is Compound.
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