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Money! We got it, baby!

The Professional is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Counter-Strike 2. They were added in the August 10th 2012 update.

Official Description[]

The Professionals are high-tech, well-equipped thieves with no political or religious agenda.

"Backed by an unknown but well-financed organization, the professionals are seasoned private mercenaries that won't hesitate to gun down any opposition - for a price."

Team History[]

The Professionals are money-driven contractors. They kill, rob and destroy for fresh hard cash, not stopping until their deliverance is delivered. The Professionals are not a leaded organization such as The Phoenix. They are a multitude of freelancers, going in and out of business, whether they like it or not. Their contracts can vary from inside-jobs such as assassinations, to crumpling down entire buildings. They do not have a leader, but work for themselves, as small connections multiply for every job they make.


Professionals are based on bank robbers with high maintenance outfits, including waistcoats and grey/black pants, additionally sporting bags on their backs and sunglasses.

With Operation Broken Fang, new characters belonging to the Professionals have been added; Getaway Sally, Little Kev, Safecracker Voltzmann, Number K, and the many shades of of Sir Bloody Darryl are available.

Map Appearances[]


  • The outfit and role of the Professionals may have been inspired by the movies Heat, Reservoir Dogs, and other related gangster and robbery films.
  • The Professionals are one of the two Terrorist groups that have lines for planting the bomb on bombsite C, the other group being the Separatists.
  • The Professionals were originally supposed to appear on Lake instead of the Phoenix Connexion, according to the in-game files.
  • Every professional has a tattoo, either on the neck, wrist or behind the ear.
  • The default gloves used by the Professionals are identical to the default gloves of the Phoenix Connexion, the Balkans, and the Separatists.
  • Upon close inspection, a button on the right sleeve of the Professionals appears to be logo of the Black Mesa Research Facility.
  • The Professionals have the distinction of being the only faction with an Australian character in the whole of Counter-Strike, this being Bloody Darryl.
  • Bloody Darryl's appearance seems to be somewhat based on an early design draft for the Professional faction.
  • Bloody Darryl is the only character to have more than two variants of his own, each sporting different clothing designs and mask prints.
  • Bloody Darryl has unused textures for a solid gold mask.
  • Based on an unused texture, Little Kev was originally to wear a red shirt with a black ballistic vest. His final design has him wearing a gray waistcoat over a pale blue T-shirt.
  • Getaway Sally and Safecracker Voltzmann are the only two unique female characters to share voice clips.
  • Most of Bloody Darryl and Getaway Sally/Safecracker Voltzmann's grenade request quotes are references to Portal 2's character Cave Johnson where he rants about lemons.
  • The Professionals was the first new Terrorist faction to be featured in Counter-Strike 1.5 (also known as the cancelled console port of Counter-Strike Source).