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Money! We got it, baby!

The Professional is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They were added in the August 10th 2012 update.

Official Description

The Professionals are high-tech, well-equipped thieves with no political or religious agenda.

"Backed by an unknown but well-financed organization, the professionals are seasoned private mercenaries that won't hesitate to gun down any opposition - for a price."

Team History

The Professionals are money-driven contractors. They kill, rob and destroy for fresh hard cash, not stopping until their deliverance is delivered. The Professionals are not a leaded organization such as The Phoenix. They are a multitude of freelancers, going in and out of business, whether they like it or not. Their contracts can vary from inside-jobs such as assassinations, to crumpling down entire buildings. They do not have a leader, but work for themselves, as small connections multiply for every job they make.


Two types of Professionals exist within this faction, including:

Classic Professionals

Classic Professionals are based on bank robbers with "classy" outfit including waistcoat, grey/black pants, with bags on their back or the C4 bomb respectively, and dark sunglasses. They include the classic Professional characters which are available in Professional Missions, and the new Operation Broken Fang characters.

Sir Bloody Darryl

Sir Bloody Darryl is a high-ranking Professional featured in multiple skins, wearing different outfits and masks.

With Operation Broken Fang, new Classic Professional characters have been added such as; Getaway Sally, Little Kev, Safecracker Voltzmann and Number K and the variants of Sir Bloody Darryl.

Map Appearances


  • The outfit and role of the Professionals may have been inspired by the movies Heat, Reservoir Dogs, and other related gangster and robbery films.
  • The Professionals are one of the two Terrorist groups that have quotes for planting the bomb on bombsite C. The other group being the Separatists.
  • The Professionals were actually supposed to appear on Lake rather than the Phoenix Connexion according to the in-game files.
  • Every professional has a tattoo, either on the neck, wrist or behind the ear, an example being a spider tattoo.
  • The default gloves used by the Professional is identical to the default gloves of the Phoenix Connexion, the Balkan, and the Separatist.
  • Upon close inspection, a button on the right sleeve appears to be logo of the Black Mesa Research Facility .