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The introduction and explanation of the experience (rank) system

This article is about the CS:GO profile rank. For Skill Group ranks, see Matchmaking.

Profile Ranks were introduced in Global Offensive as part of the May 26, 2015 (Operation Bloodhound) update as a mostly cosmetic form of upgrading a player's status by playing on official servers.


By playing on official game servers, players gain experience points towards the goal of increasing the player's Profile Rank. The first time the player ranks up in a week, the player also receives a weapon drop. Prior to Operation Hydra, the operation's pass holders are eligible to receive rewards exclusive to the operation's weapon collections during an active operation. Players participating in the Overwatch program also gain additional experience.

The 2015 Service Medal Level 1, inspect animation

Although a player's Rank is separate from the player's skill group, a profile rank of Private Rank 2 is required to be eligible for competitive matchmaking. However, a player's profile rank does not affect the player's ability to compete in casual game modes.

Although only 40 ranks exist, the player has the opportunity to reset his or her profile rank to start over.[1] After reaching rank 40, a Get Service Medal button will appear above the rank progress bar. Clicking the button will reset the player's rank and add the service medal to the player's inventory. Once the player receives a service medal, he or she will not have to re-rank to Private Rank 2 again to play competitive match making. Starting with the November 10, 2015 patch, the service medal can now be upgraded to level 2 by hitting rank 40 a second time. The player's rank is not reset each year, but rather the rank up will count towards that year's medal.

Experience Points

After each match is over, the experience points will be allocated. Leaving a match early will not award any experience points. The experience gauge will be shown at the bottom of the scoreboard at round end, with the Current XP appearing as a dark blue bar, the Earned XP and Weekly XP Bonus appearing as a green bar, and Mission XP appearing as a dark yellow bar.

The XP bars are accompanied with small pieces of text beneath them indicating their XP type and calculation method, written on a background of the same colour. If the player ranks up, another piece of text saying "Rank Up" and using a purple background will appear after all other pieces of text.

Earned XP

The amount of XP the player earns at the end of a game is determined by player performance during the game, applied through the game mode's multiplier. Excluding competitive matches, this multiplier uses the player's score. The competitive multiplier uses the player's won rounds during a match. Additionally, the multiplier is always rounded down to the nearest decimal. The maximum amount of experience points that a player can earn in casual mode is 1,000.

Game mode XP multiplier
Arms Race 1.0 * score
Casual 4.0 * score
Competitive 30 * rounds won
Deathmatch 0.2 * score
Demolition 2.5 * score
Flying Scoutsman 4.0 * score
Wingman 15 * rounds won

Weekly XP Bonus

The weekly bonus XP is a pool of 5,000 XP applied as a bonus when a player finishes a round. The first 3,500 XP is awarded as a bonus of 3x the amount of XP the player gains in the round. The rest 1,500 XP is awarded as a 1x bonus. The bonus XP is not awarded further if all 5,000 were awarded during a week.[2]

XP Penalty

If the player earns too much XP during a week, the player will receive a reduced multiplier, drastically cutting the amount of XP received regardless of game mode.

gained XP
Bonus XP multiplier
Less than 4,500 XP 4.0 * gained XP (1x Earned XP + 3x Weekly XP Bonus)
Between 4,500 XP
and 7,500 XP
2.0 * gained XP (1x Earned XP + 1x Weekly XP Bonus)
Between 7,500 XP and 11,167 XP 1.0 * gained XP (1x Earned XP, No Weekly XP Bonus)
Greater than 11,167 XP 0.175 * gained XP (0.175x Earned XP)

Note: These values are approximate values based on community testing.[3] [4]

Overwatch XP Reward

An Overwatch Investigator who successfully confirmed the guilt of a suspect player will gain an Overwatch XP Reward. It will be first notified to the player on the main menu, and the Investigator will redeem the reward of 195 XP the next time the they finish a match on an official server.[2]

The Weekly XP Bonus also applies to the Overwatch XP Reward.

New Player Boost

New players receive an XP boost as they progress through the Recruit and Private ranks.[3][Better Citation Needed]

Mission XP

After Operation Bloodhound, Operation Missions no longer give players item drops. Instead, they award experience points to the player, and players with Operation passes who rank up during the Operation are then eligible for Operation exclusive item drops.

The amount of experience point gained from a mission is dependent on the mission's difficulty. Generally, Easy rewards 200 XP, Normal rewards 300 XP, and Hard rewards 400 XP, with missions reward more base XP based on further variations. Some missions also award bonus XP based on the player's actions during the mission, like kills with specific weapons and completing the mission before a certain number of rounds.

Mission panel during Opertion Hydra

The Mission XP is rewarded only once upon the first completion of the missions. Replays of the missions will reward Earned XP only.

Weekly bonus XP is applied to XP gained in missions. The XP penalty also applies to these XP.

In Operation Wildfire, Blitz Missions are time-limited multiplayer missions which give an extra 10XP per round won, though players must be Private Rank 3 or above to participate in competitive Blitz missions.

In Operation Hydra, missions no longer award XP to the player's rank. Instead, they award Guardian XP to a different system.

Since Operation Shattered Web, each operation rewards a 'Bonus Rank XP' reward which rewards 5000 XP. This is given to the player after completing a certain amount of missions.


Image Rank XP required per level Total XP accumulated
Recruit Rank 1 5,000 XP 0 XP
Private Rank 2 5,000 XP 5,000 XP
Private Rank 3 5,000 XP 10,000 XP
Private Rank 4 5,000 XP 15,000 XP
Corporal Rank 5 5,000 XP 20,000 XP
Corporal Rank 6 5,000 XP 25,000 XP
Corporal Rank 7 5,000 XP 30,000 XP
Corporal Rank 8 5,000 XP 35,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 9 5,000 XP 40,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 10 5,000 XP 45,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 11 5,000 XP 50,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 12 5,000 XP 55,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 13 5,000 XP 60,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 14 5,000 XP 65,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 15 5,000 XP 70,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 16 5,000 XP 75,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 17 5,000 XP 80,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 18 5,000 XP 85,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 19 5,000 XP 90,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 20 5,000 XP 95,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 21 5,000 XP 100,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 22 5,000 XP 105,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 23 5,000 XP 110,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 24 5,000 XP 115,000 XP
Captain Rank 25 5,000 XP 120,000 XP
Captain Rank 26 5,000 XP 125,000 XP
Captain Rank 27 5,000 XP 130,000 XP
Captain Rank 28 5,000 XP 135,000 XP
Major Rank 29 5,000 XP 140,000 XP
Major Rank 30 5,000 XP 145,000 XP
Major Rank 31 5,000 XP 150,000 XP
Major Rank 32 5,000 XP 155,000 XP
Colonel Rank 33 5,000 XP 160,000 XP
Colonel Rank 34 5,000 XP 165,000 XP
Colonel Rank 35 5,000 XP 170,000 XP
Brigadier General Rank 36 5,000 XP 175,000 XP
Major General Rank 37 5,000 XP 180,000 XP
Lieutenant General Rank 38 5,000 XP 185,000 XP
General Rank 39 5,000 XP 190,000 XP
Global General Rank 40 N/A 195,000 XP

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