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The radio in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is an equipment that can only be used in Radio zones. It is used when important visuals need to be alerted to the team.


It appears several times in the Deleted Scenes.

Counter Terrorist Training[]

The device appears at the sixth section of the Special Equipment Training. It is located on a table covered by a cage. It is uncovered after one of the tutors finishes explaining its usage. The player must use the radio to call in two members of SEAL Team 6. This is the only time it appears without being provided at the start.

Lost Cause[]

The radio is used to first give the position of the German nationals to CnC. At the end of the mission, it is used to request for an evacuation.


The radio is only used to summon an evacuation helicopter to the scene for the hostages.

Rise Hard[]

The radio is used to contact CnC of the civilian contact's death and future objectives.

Truth in Chaos[]

The radio is used multiple times to help CnC in locating the VX Gas containers.

Pipe Dream[]

The radio is only used at the end of the mission to summon the evacuation helicopter.

Miami Heat[]

The radio is used near the end of the mission to summon the SWAT team for an assault.