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The Radio Commands are a communication mechanic in the Counter-Strike series.


Radio commands are an option available in the in-game menu. It provides the player with a number of common requests and responses that the player can use to communicate to other players with. In addition, many actions, such as throwing a grenade, will cause an automatic radio response, announcing the action to the player's team. The radio is communicated to all players on the player's team, and players on the enemy team cannot hear it.

For most radio commands and responses, a corresponding message will appear in the chat window.

The voicework of the radio is done by Jess Cliffe for most games in the Counter-Strike series.

Human players rarely follow radio commands, most of them use microphone if they wish to communicate. For bots in multiplayer games, their teamwork (co-op) is set to 75%. They normally follow the player's command. In Condition Zero, Tour of Duty missions, the bots have been modified according to the given teamwork.

Global Offensive reduced the amount of radio commands to 15. However, by accessing the game files and making some modifications[1], it is possible to use cut commands.

Radio commands
Radio Notes Console command
Cover Me! Going in alone and asking teammates to cover from a distance. coverme
You Take the Point Lead the way. takepoint
Hold This Position! Ordering teammates to stay in your current position. holdpos
Follow Me! Orders teammates to follow you. followme
Regroup, Team! Asking teammates to regroup during splits. regroup
Taking Fire, Need Assistance! Used when detecting a large group of enemies. takingfire

Group Radio Commands
Radio Notes Console command
GO! in previous games know as "Go, go, go." go
Team, Fall Back! Orders teammates to stop engaging enemies. fallback
Hold This Position! Avoid teammates from splitting holdpos
Stick Together, Team Orders teammates to follow you. sticktog
Get in Position Take positions and wait for my call. holdpos
Storm the Front Push entry points. stormfront
Radio Responses/Reports
Radio Notes Console command
Cheer Cheer cheer
Compliment/Nice Used when a player or bot dominates. compliment
Thanks Positive response. thanks
Affirmative/Roger Positive response roger
Enemy Spotted Report the presence of enemy. enemyspot
Need Backup When you go front for attack and you need team support at your back. needbackup
Sector Clear When C4 has been planted, use this report at a bomb site where there is no bomb. Or this command can response nothing in the area. sectorclear
I'm in Position To report that you've reached your desired/designated position. inposition
Negative Negative response. negative
Reporting In Response to "Report in". report
She's gonna Blow! Tell your teammates that C4 is going to explode. getout
Enemy Down Use this when you have killed an enemy.. enemydown

† Removed from Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta in August 10th, 2012 Update, but still usable by using console.

Upcoming Radio commands / Radial Radio Commands[]

Killicon-knife css csgo Unreleased/Cut Content
This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

Following radio commands were added into the game file[2] in the April 30, 2019 update. In used in current version it will use SEAL Team 6's temporary placeholder voice. Other factions don't have recorded voice yet. Additionally hints towards 3 new categories which will be seen in new radial radio command - "Requests", "Commands" and "Social".

Upcoming Radio commands
Radio Notes Console command
Bombsite A go_a
Bombsite B go_b
Need a drop, Please. needrop

Grenade Related Radio Reports[]

All Multiplayer games[]

  • Fire in the hole! - Throwing HE grenade (All grenades in older games)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[]

Game mode Related Radio Reports[]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[]

Three radio types of after freeze time appear in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Automatic said by the Commander.

  • Pep talk. - Quotes making team mate not worried because last round was failed.
  • Let's go. - Quotes referring "Go Go Go!" and also usable in Radio Commands.
  • Lock'n'load. - Quotes referring "Go Go Go!" but with wisdom, Cannot be said after freeze time.


  • If the option "Bots can go rogue" is unchecked, all/most bots will agree with human players' commands. If checked however, some of them may disagree/refuse to listen.
  • In all Counter-Strike games that feature the radio command "Report In", when used, bots will respond with the "Area Secure" radio command. If a bot is in combat, they will usually be the first to respond and with the "Enemy Spotted" radio command.
  • Surprisingly, if a human player uses "Enemy Spotted", all of the bots always agree and they start to follow that player, no matter how much of their teamwork set (including bots with 0% co-op).
  • Even if there are no enemy hostiles, the area is secured or the player has not spotted any enemies yet, all of the bots will still agree with the player who issued the command.
  • Before Global Offensive, if a human player issued the radio command "Get in position and wait for my go", "You take the point" and "I'm in position" to bots, the bots would ignore with that player because these are human player exclusive commands.
    • Ping of Bots will follow the command "Get in position and wait for my go". Nearby bots will camp if that command is used while they will only obey the command "Hold this position" if they're following the player.
  • In Global Offensive, each faction has their own voice actors (14 in total) which mostly replace Cliffe's original audio files. However, his recorded messages are still used at the end of each round to announce which team won, when the bomb has been planted and when it has been defused and used in hostage rescue mode.
  • In Global Offensive, CTs bots will say "I'm in position" if they are guarding a dropped C4.
  • In Global Offensive, if the bomb is about to explode, one player from both teams will automatically respond with "She's gonna Blow!".

Behind the scenes[]