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The Rifle is a placeholder rifle that only appears in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's script files.[1]


  • The Rifle's appearance and most of its weapon statics are quite similar to the M4A4's albeit with minor differences, with identical price, spread, penetration power, and armor penetration.[2]
    • It has less inaccuracy while firing, being on ladders or moving. Even less while crouching albeit with more accuracy while crouching with the alternate firing mode.
    • It has a higher speed reduction (220 units/second against 225 units/second)
    • It deals less Damage (30 vs 33)
    • It has a longer recoil recovery time (for both standing and crouching stances)
  • The weapon, being a placeholder, is not team exclusive.
  • It can be suppressed according to the script file
  • It uses the same reload sounds as the AWP.
  • Despite having a complete script file, attempting to spawn the weapon with console commands will yield a NULL entity error.[3]
  • On the August 17, 2017 update,the script has been removed from the game files.


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