As riverside
Creator(s) Jukka Nolvi
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Assassination
First appearance BETA 6.0
Last appearance BETA 6.1
Riverside (as_riverside) was an official assassination scenario map featured in the Counter-Strike beta. In this map, the Counter-Terrorists, specifically SEAL Team 6, were assigned to protect the VIP while the Terrorists must eliminate the VIP at all costs.


The map was very unbalanced due to the long and open environment of the map and large amounts of sniper outposts. The VIP can easily be taken down by snipers from the opposite side of the path, unless a few Counter-Terrorists were wielding the tactical shield or using their own combinations of sniper weaponry. Furthermore, there were many areas in which the Terrorists could surround the Counter-Terrorists from the front, back, sides, and even above that would lead to the demise of the VIP. The only way for the CTs to prevent this is to throw a flashbang or a smoke grenade and rush to kill any stunned terrorists. Even then, the terrorists could quickly recover and launch a counterattack. Due to these unbalanced statistics of the map, Riverside was removed in from the retail version of Counter-Strike.

This map has a driveable boat that allows multiple players to be quickly transported via river. Even though it is fast, any player on the boat will be an easy target for snipers as the boat travels in a scripted path and is noisy.

Official Description

Background: An important European business man is the target of a terrorist group. The Seals have been called to escort him to safety.

Counter-Terrorists: Escort the VIP to one of the two safety zones where Jeeps are waiting. Team members must protect the VIP.

Terrorists: Eliminate the VIP and prevent him from reaching the safety zones.


  • According to the description, the map may be taking place somewhere in Europe.
  • If this is true, then the official factions for the map may have been SEAL Team 6 and the Phoenix Connexion.
  • Judging by the brick wall textures from the old buildings and the modern construction around the VIP escape zones, the setting of the map may be taking place in Italy, Germany, or any other location in the Eastern part of Europe.
  • There is a boat that can be driven by players in the CT spawn zone.