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Rooftop Control (cp_rooftop) is a Control Point map featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


It's the second map developed for the Control Point game mode by Valve, after Dust 2 Control.

The map is takes place on two rooftops in the middle of a metropolitan city, similar to Vertigo. Terrorists spawn on one rooftop, equipped with only the knife, a decoy grenade and a smoke grenade, and they will try to capture 5 control points to win the round. Counter-Terrorists spawn on the other rooftop, equipped with AWPs to try to eliminate the Terrorists before they capture all the control points.

This map is not included and thus inaccessible in the base game. To download the map, one must subscribe on the Workshop page to play.

Official description

As a Counter-Terrorist, use your sniper rifles to eliminate the Terrorists on the adjacent building before they can capture all of the points!

As a Terrorist, work together to capture all five points before the time runs out!


  • This map is based on the map "Roof" from the game Left 4 Dead.
    • There are even remnants of the old version of the map (unused rooms inside the hospital).


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