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Run! is an extra mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The mission begins after the player shoots down a gang leader with a Schmidt Scout. After successfully assassinating the gang leader, groups of Yakuza members start to appear and attempt to retaliate. The player must reach the getaway truck and escape.


  1. Get to the helicopter rendezvous point.
  2. Get to the truck for evacuation.
  3. Get to the truck in one minute or be left behind.

Weapons & Equipment

Starting loadout

Icon Weapon/Equipment Ammo/Amount
Scout Steyr Scout 10 / 90 7.62×51mm NATO
USP USP .45 12 / 100 .45 ACP
Knife Knife


Icon Weapon/Equipment Ammo/Amount
M3 Benelli M3 8 / 32 Hud 12g cz.png
Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade 2
Galil Galil 35 / 90 Hud 5.56 cz.png
XM1014 Benelli XM1014 7 / 32 Hud 12g cz.png

AI Player

The Japanese Kidotai

Kidotai (1).jpg
  • 2

The Japanese Yakuza

Ak (1).jpg
Sg (1).jpg
Xm (1).jpg
Rr (1).jpg
Ee (1).jpg


Mission Notes

  • When a Kidotai member appears to warn the player to hurry up and find the 2nd extraction point, ignore the remaining Yakuza members. Just rush as only one minute is given to complete the mission.
  • If the player takes too long to reach the extraction point, the escape truck will leave and the mission will fail.
  • Also, if the player shoots or kills any NPC civilians at the downstair small balcony, inside the hidden room at the next door, upstairs corridor, or two schoolgirl civilians at the upstairs hidden room inside the window, the mission will also fail.


  • The Gang leader uses Yoshida's model with a different coat texture.
  • Even when the player uses a bullet from his Scout to kill the powerful gang leader, the player still has 10 rounds when he needs to start his escape.
  • At the hallway where the sniper the player has to kill so that he falls down and can let the player through, an SG 550 can be heard shooting the glass, even though the first terrorist that emerges at that section carries a TMP.
    • Also, before the plane for evac crashes, a FAMAS can be heard shooting 3 bullets, despite any terrorists being equipped with the weapon.
    • The same sound for the FAMAS shooting 3 seperate shots can be heard in Truth in Chaos when your teammates tell you to kill an enemy sniper. Again, nobody is equipped with the weapon although it is heard shooting. It stops shooting until you take the sniper down.
  • Five songs have been composed for this mission.
  • Regardless if the player is fast enough to reach the helicopter evacuation point, it will always be shot down.
  • This is the only mission in which the Galil can be obtained.
  • There is one enemy Terrorist that wears a jungle uniform while the others wear urban uniforms.
  • This pays homage to Escape maps in Counter-Strike Beta.
  • One enemy at the middle cannot climb a ledge, because the top building was too high, even if he was not hit by bullets. It is scripted for him to fall down and die. The player must ignore the remaining gang members.
  • The Condition Zero cut map Rooftops is based on this mission.