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Killicon-knife css csgo.png This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

The SCAR-17, or Scarab Carbine 17 was a Counter-Terrorist rifle cut from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The SCAR-17 is a SCAR-H rifle. The SCAR-17 name is a composite of SCAR and the SCAR-H's alternate designation, Mk. 17 Mod 0.

In-game, the weapon holds 30 rounds and has 90 rounds in reserve.

It is hypothesized that the SCAR-17 was intended to be the game's new main CT weapon due to its presence in the game's logo and its very similar stats to the M4A4.


Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 131 92
Chest & Arm 32 23
Abdomen & Pelvis 40 28
Leg 24 24
Red signifies a fatal hit.


Weapon Specialist
SCAR-17 Expert csgoa.png SCAR-17 Expert
Kill 1,000 enemies with the SCAR-17.

Behind the Scenes

  • Most of the weapon's icons were preserved in the beta despite its absence from the game. These included the entity, the HUD, 3D and line art purchase icons, a kill icon, and entries in the game's soundcache text files.[1]
    • Most of these files were removed when the game was released. However, the kill icon, references in the game soundcache text files and its entity remain. Attempting to spawn the latter crashes the game due to a lack of files.


  • The Beta Line art purchase icon shows a curved magazine, which identifies a SCAR-L 5.56mm assault rifle. The SCAR-17 is based on a SCAR-H, which has a straight 7.62mm magazine.
  • In the console releases of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, both the script and audio files for the SCAR-17 can be found.[2]
    • Comparing the stats to the SCAR-17 and the M4A4 show that the SCAR-17 was a clone of the M4A4 with higher accuracy rates while standing, crouching and firing overtime but a significantly worst accuracy rate when moving.
    • In the February 17, 2016 patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the audio files are referred in the Phoenix Compound Sound Manifest file.[3]
  • Unused announcer voices in the beta give the weapon three names: Mark 17, Scarab Carbine 17 and MK17.[1]
  • The textures can still be found with-in the game files.
  • The weapon is still referred to in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game stats[4].

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