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Scar17hud csgoa
Alternate name(s) Scarab Carbine 17
  • Mark 17
  • MK17
Origin Belgium flag Belgium
Caliber 7.62 caliber
Entity weapon_scar17

The SCAR-17 was a battle rifle (or carbine) that was cut during Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's development, during the alpha.


The SCAR-17 is a SCAR-H rifle. The SCAR-17 name is a composite of SCAR and the SCAR-H's alternate designation, Mk. 17 Mod 0.

Not much else is known about the weapon considering its absence from any promotional material. Only several leftover files are scattered throughout the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta and the current version.

Most of the weapon's icons were preserved in the beta despite its absence from the game. These included the HUD, 3D and line art purchase icons, and a kill icon.[1]

Unused announcer voices in the beta give the weapon three names: Mark 17, Scarab Carbine 17 and MK17.[1]

Most of these files were removed when the game was released. However, the kill icon, references in the game soundcache text files and its entity remain. Attempting to spawn the latter crashes the game[1].

The weapon's kill icon and line art purchase icon may suggest that the weapon may have been fitted with a 30 cartridges STAGNAG magazine (although this could have been a recycled asset from another Valve game, Left 4 Dead 2). On the other hand, its rendered 3D purchase icon and HUD icon suggest that it have been released with a 20 cartridges STAGNAG magazine instead[1].

It is unknown whether both SCAR-17 and SCAR-20 rifles were originally intended to appear in-game together as both their icons appear in the 2011 beta game files. Further more, both the weapons have achievement icons present in said files. The latter could however be a successor of the former.

The weapon is still referred to in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game stats[2].

The last, recent evidence of its possible inclusion is the Phoenix Compound Sound Manifest[3] added in February 17, 2016. Even though it points out to a "scar17" sound folder, the listed wave file are identical to that of the SCAR-20 (name wise).


Despite its exclusion from the game, the weapon is still featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's logo, an important indicator of its possible inclusion.


Weapon Specialist
SCAR-17 Expert csgoa SCAR-17 Expert
Kill 1,000 enemies with the SCAR-17.

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