Hello, my name is Sebastien Hennequet, and I’ll be your CO for Operation Bloodhound. Our purpose? Track down one of the most dangerous operators working for The Phoenix. Under my training you will become more than a soldier... you’ll become a hunter. But before we begin our work with a rifle, you have to learn how to live long enough to get one. Become an expert with your sidearm, it’s the fastest way to get the resources you’ll need.
―Sebastien, introducing himself

Sebastien Hennequet is a character featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during Operation Bloodhound.


Sebastien was the mentor of Chase Turner and Marcus Chapel. He holds a great respect for sniper rifles and backup plans in combat. He serves as the player's commanding officer during the Marksman campaign, directing the player to assassinate Turner due to the danger Turner poses to the Coalition Taskforce.

List of appearances

  • Operation Bloodhound (First appearance)

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