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By order of the Russian nuclear disarmament treaty, we have been commissioned to disarm and dismantle the former soviet nuclear missile silo site 6 of regiment 42. This should be a routine clean and disarm, but I want everyone to be on their toes. Apparently the support staff housed in site 6 have been out of contact for nearly 24 hours. Most likely a failed comm system, but I don't want to make any mistakes this time.

Secret War is the third mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

After being commissioned to disarm a former Soviet missile silo, the player and the other members of the Russian Spetsnaz discover that the facility has been taken over by two radical terrorist groups. One is trying to launch the nuke while the other is trying to steal it.


The mission begins with the player accompanying several Spetsnaz troops in a Russian APC while the officer gives a briefing: You're heading to disarm a missile silo. Suspiciously, it lost radio contact for the past 24 hours. The officer assumed that the comm system failed.

After attempting to open the doors using a security code, the doors do not open thus one of the soldiers, Yuri, uses a RC bomb to open the jammed entrance. It is later found out that the base is on emergency power. The player is sent to turn the power generators on. After exploring mysteriously empty areas, the player enters a room of executed scientists, at which your commander lets you know that two different terrorist factions are fighting one another, and the Spetsnaz operatives, for control of the missile silo.

During the initial firefight, the controls were destroyed and the missile is forced to launch in fifteen minutes. After discussion, it is found out that the missile can only be stopped by destroying the fuel lines with explosives. Yuri, the only operative with explosives, was shot by an opposing faction. The player is sent to receive the RC bombs from his body.

After placing the remote bomb on the fuel line, the commander announces he will stay behind to detonate the fuel line and to ensure no terrorists defuse the bombs. Barely escaping the exploding silo on a truck, your unit is met with an enemy Mil Mi-24 Hind. Using a M2 Browning mounted on the back of the truck, the Hind is defeated and the Spetsnaz soldiers prevail.


  1. Proceed to bunker building and enable power generators.
  2. Proceed to control center inside the facility.
  3. Proceed to the control room.
  4. Locate radio controlled bombs.
  5. Proceed to fuel line via elevator.
  6. Bomb the fuel line.
  7. Give bomb detonator to Spetsnaz Commander.
  8. Evacuate the missile silo.
  9. Eliminate the Hind.

Weapons & Equipment


Five operatives (including the player) and a commander in the truck. They use:

Elevator fight

Three operatives are seen during the elevator fight. One operative sends a report to the missile control room. They use:


Two operative are seen near the truck, and they fight the Terrorists who are attempting to stop them from escaping. They use:

The elevator operatives will spawn there if the player is quick enough to save them at the elevator area.

Starting loadout

Primary Melee Equipment
MP5 Navy
30 / 60 9mm
Combat Knife
Combat Knife
Kevlar Vest



G3/SG-1 7.62

D3/AU-1 (discovered one time, no additional ammo. It is found near the door of the underground generator, between 2 doors. Heading left, you'll find it at the back of some boxes )

Krieg 552 5.56

Krieg 552 (discovered two times, ammo found rarely. The first one is near the collapsed ceiling, the second is found after you leave the elevator where a Glock-18 is also located)

Elites Beretta 9mm

.40 Dual Elites (discovered one time, ammo found frequently. You must jump around the boxes above at the very start of the mission. You can find in the left above the door).

Glock 18 9mm

9×19mm Sidearm (discovered two times; in a laboratory before the firefight starts and in another lab after you leave the lift near a Krieg 552. Ammo is found frequently)


HE grenade

HE grenade (discovered three times, one grenade per encounter)


Flashbang (discovered one time, one grenade)

RC Bomb

RC bomb (discovered one time, five bombs, used twice)

M2 Browning

M2 Browning (discovered once, used to destroy the Hind. It is found at the back of the escape truck.)

AI Player

Russian Spetsnaz

Coq (1).jpg
Commander USP 1
  • 5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
Sc (1).jpg
Without Balaclava
  • 1
  • 1
Yu (1).jpg
Yuri MP5 1

Phoenix Connexion

Terror urban ak47 (1).jpg
  • 8
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
Guerilla urban xm1014 (1).jpg
  • 1
Militia urban xm1014 (1).jpg
  • 1
Terror urban glock (1).jpg
  • 1
Leet urban glock18 (1).jpg
  • 1
Telo (1).jpg
  • 1
  • 1

Arctic Avengers

  • 4
  • 5
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
Guerilla winter xm1014 (1).jpg
  • 11
  • 2
Militia winter xm1014 (1).jpg
  • 11
  • 2
Terror winter glock18 (1).jpg
  • 1
  • 2
Leet winter glock18 (1).jpg
  • 1
  • 2
Arlo (1).jpg
  • 4
  • 2
  • 1

In-game screenshots

Mission Notes

  • Its possible to keep your teammates alive after you get out of the elevator, they won't go over the fence though.
    • If you keep them alive, you can meet them back again at the truck. As a result, you will have better firepower to fight against the terrorists before you enter the truck.
  • If you are not quick enough in the "Explosive Barrel Area", you cannot survive. Just ignore the enemies and rush to the safety zone.
  • The crashed door will not operate again, don't be afraid to crawl through.
  • At one point in the mission, if the player shoots the steam pipes, they will rupture. The vented steam can be turned off by a valve nearby.
  • When going up the stairs next to the control room, the announcer will give a verbal notification of the rocket will launch over 15 minutes which the player must reach to the fuel line of the rocket (where the player meets the officer) before it being launched.


  • Five individual maps are used for this mission.
  • This is one of the three missions when weapons are discovered twice besides pre-capture and post-capture missions. The SG 552 and the Glock-18 can be discovered twice, similar to the M4A1 in Building Recon and the M3 in Truth in Chaos.
  • Assuming that Yuri had 5 RC Bombs, he should have used them twice - one to blow open the door in the beginning, another on the door next to the communication device. Due to game limitations spawning it as a new pickup, it will still have five units instead of three when retrieved from him later on.
    • If the player takes a closer look when Yuri plants an RC Bomb, the sprite is that of a Land Mine, although it does not deal any damage.
  • This is one of the missions in which the Russian Spetsnaz are wearing standard uniforms, the other is Pipe Dream.
    • However, in Pipe Dream, the Spetsnaz are wearing the desert uniforms during the beginning of the mission. They wear the standard uniform in the end of the mission.
  • Seven music tracks have been composed by Zak Belica for this mission.
  • After the player plants a Radio Controlled Bomb on the fuel line and gives it to the commander to detonate, a button nearby is red, but changes to green after the detonator is given to him and then he pushes the button so it becomes green.
  • The 9x19mm Sidearm, .40 Dual Elites, and the KM Sub-Machine Gun share the same ammunition.
  • If the player runs out of ammo for the Krieg 552 while fighting the Hind, the HUD will still show in green rather than red. After a certain amount of time, the player will somehow automatically receive 30 additional rounds of ammo for the weapon.
  • The Hind can be destroyed in less than 20 rounds from the D3/AU-1. Since reserve ammunition for this rifle is not available in the entire mission, it is highly recommended to save this weapon just for the final fight.
  • The escape from the explosion sequence at the beginning of the final level is merely a visual effect. The tunnel around you are virtual, you can shoot through it and even hit the Hind. That means you can damage the Hind badly before it can react scripted at the very beginning of the level.
  • The missiles in the launch facility are known as SS-18 NATO sporting the name Satan.
    • There is a smile face on the rocket nose. However, it can only be viewed by using thenoclip console command.
  • The M2 Browning at the end of the mission is unique, and has a much higher rate of fire and a different firing sound compared to other M2 Browning machine guns appearing in-game.
    • Oddly enough, the M2 Browning Machine Gun used in the level's finale is an American weapon that fires .50 BMG rounds, an anti-materiel, heavy machine gun round of American origin. This is unusual since Russia never produces such rounds and that they have created their own standard anti-materiel, heavy machine gun round: the 12.7x108mm, a much larger round compared to the .50 BMG. Heavy machine guns of Russian origin such as the DShK, the NSV or the Kord 12.7mm should've been the appropriate HMG emplaced on the truck at the finale.
    • However, it is plausible if the M2 Browning emplaced on the truck belonged to either the Arctic Avengers or Phoenix Connexion terrorists since there are real-life instances of captured M2 Browning Machine Guns used by real-life terrorist groups who rely on black market or captured counter-terrorist arms. The Spetsnaz presumably took it for their escape later in the mission.
  • Secret War is the only mission featuring the Phoenix Connexion.
    • Additionally, Secret War is the only mission featuring two different Terrorist factions, and the only known hostile confrontation between two Terrorist factions.
    • The attacks between the two Terrorist factions are scripted. If the player uses console commands to spawn members from both factions, they will not attack each other.
    • When the player approaches the controls for the nuke, one of the Phoenix Connexion members promptly destroys it (as it is likely they are aware that the Spetsnaz would try to stop them). Due to this, it is suggested the Phoenix Connexion was attempting to launch it and the Arctic Avengers were trying to steal it.
      • However, in the explosive barrel area where the player can see the Arctic Avengers, if the player uses noclip and goes to the room, the Phoenix Connexion Terrorists are coming from a tunnel above and are attacking the Arctic Avengers. The Arctic Avengers claim the enemies stealing the nuke are here, presumably blaming the Phoenix Connexion.
    • After the Spetsnaz commander orders the player to scout ahead and finds the secret D3/AU-1, the player can observe the opening of the nuke hatch doors, meaning the faction trying to launch it has the upper hand.
  • A Chicken can be found at the beginning of the game. In order to find the chicken, go to the boxes where the player must jump off the wall to get the Dual Elites. One of the boxes can be destroyed and the player can find a Chicken. Note that if the chicken is killed, it will make sheep sounds.
  • This map may be a homage to the cut beta maps of Foption and Zoption as there is a nuclear missile in all these three maps.
  • As evidenced by the transcript, the conversation between the Spetsnaz operatives in the beginning of the mission is a homage to Aliens, Stars Wars or perhaps to Halo: Combat Evolved's 343 Guilty Spark level, specifically the " I've got a bad feeling about this one" quote.
  • The Condition Zero cut map Silo is based on this mission.
  • The Spetsnaz operative near the elevator equipped with AK-47 will not follow you if you try to interact with him. But he can be killed.
  • The Spetsnaz operative equipped with a Schmidt Scout near to the truck can't be killed.
  • Several cubes with the text, "The Castle was HERE," can be found in this map. It is a signature left by Russell Meakim, the map's level designer.
    1. The first cube is in the APC, at the bottom left corner of the player's view when the screen starts fading black.
    2. The second cube is located near an elevator in the area where the ceiling collapses around.
    3. The third cube can be found below the lamp of the rocket in the location were the player see a Spetsnaz operative falls after getting attacked.
    4. The fourth cube is located above the fuel pipe after an elevator fight.
    5. The last cube is located underneath the truck. To see the cube, the player will have to destroy the ground and fall in the hole, however, this will cause the player to die from falling.
  • If the Spetsnaz operative are injured (either by attacking them or blocking Yuri's movement after he planted the RC Bomb) at the beginning, the mission will fail. 
    • The other inscription, "осторожно взрывоопасный жидкость (Danger: Exploding Liquid)" is grammatically incorrect. The correct form should be, "осторожно взрывоопасная жидкость (Danger: Explosive Liquid)".