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Mission Objectives[]

Two Terrorist factions are fighting aganist each other for a nuclear ICBM. Work together with your fellow Spetsnaz comrades and prevent enemies from achieving their heinous goals while trying to stay alive.


Part I[]

The player begins inside a Russian APC with several Spetsnaz operatives. The officer briefs the team that they have been sent to a missile silo to overlook the dismantling of a nuke and ensure the safe escort of the personnel from the premises. Even though this is a routine mission, he wants everyone to stay alert and remain fully aware of the situation. Strangely, communications have been cut off from the missile silo for nearly 24 hours although there is a chance that a failed comm system is probably responsible for the disruption. Nevertheless, the officer states a final warning to be prepared for the unexpected.

Shortly, the player and the Spetsnaz have arrived at the entrance of the missile silo. While nothing at first appears to be out of the ordinary, one of the operatives comments that it is too quiet. Moreover, the officer is baffled that his code for the security door is not working. He then orders Yuri to use his RC bombs to open the unresponsive door. After this is done, the team then storms through the building.

During the aforementioned scene, the player can walk to the upper section of the area and find some hiddenDual Elites and a 9mm Parabellum clip. There is also a hidden Chicken under one of the crates.

After entering the building, Yuri observes that the silo is running on emergency power which is very unusual. The officer becomes even more suspicious when no one responds to their calls through the internal communications line. He then orders the player to scout ahead to activate the power generators and find out what exactly is happening within the slio.

Note that there is 5.56 NATO ammunition on one of the props.

Upon exiting, the player can search around the outside and find another 9mm Parabellum clip, an HE grenade, and a hidden G3SG/1 in the upper section. Moreover, you can observe the opening of the hatch doors that is containing the nuke.

After re-entering into the silo, the player activates a switch and sees the bodies of murdered scientists. Then, the officer contacts you through the radio and exclaims that they are being assaulted by large groups of aggressive "armed individuals". He also states that two team members have been killed and that the Spetsnaz are moving in deeper into the facility. To make matters worse, there are two Terrorist factions fighting for control of the nuke. One is trying to steal it and the other faction is attempting to launch it. Since the player is the only member of the team that is the closest to the controls, the officers reassigns the player to use whatever force necessary to prevent both Terrorist factions in being successful in their goals.

Within the security checkpoint, there is another HE grenade, a 9mm Parabellum clip, and a Glock-18.

Upon moving within the silo, a Phoenix Connexion member will catch sight of you and unhesitantly fires his weapon at you. (Note that around his area, there is additional 9mm Parabellum ammunition.) After finishing him off, a Wall attached medkit will be avaliable to use if you have sustained any injuries. Be sure to use it as you will not be able to return to the previous areas.

Soon, the player witnesses a standoff between the Arctic Avengers and (most likely) the Phoenix Connexion in a room with explosives and a gas tank.. Negotiations between the two Terrorist factions ultimately fail and one of the Terrorists fires a bullet thus igniting the gas tank. Since the player cannot go back, he must run to the left to avoid being killed by the ensuing explosions and a blast door barely shuts in time to conceal the fire. Take note that before the detonation, there is 5.56 NATO ammunition for the Krieg 552 and a flashbang in the room.

After surviving the explosion, the player will be caught in a fierce battle between the fighting Terrorists. In this situation and in upcoming battles, you can either let your enemies fight each other off or eliminate them while they are occupied. Be warned that there can be a surviving Terrorist hiding behind a corner.

Once the player has eliminated the Terrorist opposition within his area, the Spetsnaz officier will radio in and alert that heavy debris is falling down on the area due to the explosions from earlier. Almost immediately afterwards, shocks begin to rattle the room and the ceiling of an elevator room nearby collapses. Since the door to the elevator is inoperable, the player must crawl through the broken window (but be warned that there is an Arctic Avenger Terrorist waiting for you!)

In the elevator room, two additional Arctic Avengers will be waiting for you and two Phoenix Connexion Terrorists will appear from the elevator. Although the elevator is in good shape, the player cannot use it and is forced to carefully descend from above. This is where another group of Phoenix Connexion members have take control and they may surprise you. Upon defeating them, a wall attached medkit, some 9mm Parabellum ammo, and a Krieg 552 will be awarded to the player.

Part II[]

After finishing off a lone Arctic Avenger, the player will hear a scream and upon opening the doors, he will see a Spetsnaz soldier fall to his death on the left. In here, the Arctic Avengers have taken nearly complete control of the area (that is housing the nuke) and they are at the ground level and the 2nd floor. In here, use the Krieg 552 to eliminate enemies at further distances and fire the MP5 at assailants who are sufficiently close to your position. Note that if you do not eliminate your enemies located on the 2nd floor, you will have to face them later on.

Upon entering a new room, the player will hear more exchanges of gunfire on the other side of the glass panels. Since the windows cannot be broken and there are several crates blocking the entryway of the door, the player must activate the door to crush the crates. Soon, the door retracts and the player can crawl through. By then, either the Phoenix Connexion Terrorist or the lone Arctic Avenger will succeed in eliminating in each other so stay alert.

(Note:there is a medical kit under the stairs, if you are short on life, be sure to use it!)

After that, the player will enter the control room, but unfortunately, the control room has been controlled by the Phoenix Connexion Terrorists, and one Phoenix Connexion Terrorists has destroyed the console, another team member also rushed to the control room, use your weapon to kill this area All terrorists.

After eliminating all the terrorists, the player needs to go and retrieve the RC bomb dropped by Yuri who has been sacrificed, therefore, the player needs to go through a broken electronic gate and engage the Arctic Avengers Terrorists in another area controlled by the Arctic Avengers, Use MP5 to clear close enemies, top snipers and farther enemies use SG 552 to kill them, and finally, if the player manages to reach Yuri's body, pick up the RC bomb he dropped, but be careful , there will be more Arctic Avengers Terrorists on the way back, don't forget to refill your MP5 or SG 552 or pistol in advance.

After successfully reaching the elevator, if a teammate survives the fight, he can be taken into the elevator and taken to the next floor to add an extra boost to the bottom fight.

At the bottom, players will meet more Spetsnaz teammates, as well as some Arctic Avengers terrorists, collect SG 552 and Glock-18 dropped by dead teammates to replenish ammo lost in previous battles, and after the battle is over, teammates can let teammates drop After cleaning up the enemies behind the fence, you can enter the area behind the fence through the jumping platform, or you can directly throw HE grenades inward to clean up.

After clearing, jump into the area behind the fence through the top transport pipe, then start the forklift to open the road, but you need to pay attention, after opening the road, there will be an arctic avenger terrorist sniper, pay attention to avoid and kill him.