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Designed for efficient brutality, using a push dagger is as simple as throwing a punch or two.
―Official description

The Shadow Daggers are a cosmetic knife available to players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, & are a rare special (★) item. The Shadow Daggers were introduced on September 17th, 2015 in the Shadow Boxing update, available in the Shadow Case in Arms Deal finishes. They would become available in Chroma finishes in the Spectrum Case on March 15th, 2017. They would return once more in Chroma finishes in the Spectrum 2 Case on September 14th, 2017, & they would finally become available in Gamma finishes on September 21st, 2021 as part of Operation Riptide in the Operation Riptide Case.


The Shadow Daggers are a cosmetic & share the same performance as the default knife. It is a rare special (★) item that can be found in the Shadow Case, Spectrum Case, Spectrum 2 Case, or Operation Riptide Case.


  • The Shadow Daggers in Chroma & Gamma finishes do not display their collection properly, displaying the Shadow Collection instead.
  • The Shadow Daggers unpainted have an all black finish & have varying handle color with certain skins.
  • The Shadow Daggers are very similar to the Gerber Tactical Uppercut Push Dagger.
  • The Shadow Daggers used to have the same killfeed icon as the default knife.