Shoots (ar_shoots), also known as Vietnam, is a War Games map featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Shoots takes place somewhere in Vietnam. The Terrorist faction featured are the Pirates and the Counter-Terrorists are the GIGN.

Shoots is a symmetrical map. The Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists spawn on opposite sides of the map, with identical cover provided for both sides.

Official description

Vietnam - Gun Game

Advance through guns on each kill. First player to 22 points wins.


Global Expertise
Shoots Vet csgo Shoots Vet
Win five matches in Arms Race mode on Shoots.


  • Some game assets related to this map have "Vietnam" mentioned in their filenames, so it's likely the actual inspiration/location of the map.
  • The map was called Vietnam in the alpha.
  • This is the most popular Arms Race map in Global Offensive as players often choose this map in comparison to Baggage and Monastery.
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