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This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

Site (cs_site) was a cut Counter-Strike: Source map for the Hostage Rescue game mode, that was being developed in 2005.[1] The map was supposed to be a remake of Estate.


The map appears to be set in a house under construction.

Compared to its predecessors, this map has a huge number of differences in geometry, such as the absence of bushes and a fountain at the entrance to the house, the presence of a garage and a changed layout of the house itself.

Unfortunately, the textures for this map are missing both the retail and the leak.


On December 11, 2005, Jess Cliffe, while answering questions on Steam forum, mentioned that he was working on a "new CS map based on a construction site theme".[2] However, the map was never released, and it's fate was unknown for a long time.

In the 2023 leak of the licensee Perforce for Source Base 2013 engine, a lot of source files of Counter-Strike: Source were included. Among the files included there are decompiled maps including Site.[3] This map is very similar in description to the one Cliffe mentioned, suggesting that he was working on it.


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