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The Snowball is an equipment added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the December 17, 2018 patch for the 2018 Christmas event.


Snowballs can be thrown at players, dealing 5 damage and covering their screen with snow for several seconds.[2] The user's screen can also be obscured if thrown at a player/wall while standing right next to them/it.

In the Deathmatch game mode, all players possess infinite snowballs, while outside of the game mode, players can only hold up to 3 snowballs at one time.

Snowballs can be obtained by interacting with nearby snow-covered ground, such as in Monastery, or by interacting with piles of snowballs at the teams' starting points in Casual maps.


  • The December 17, 2018 patchnotes state that snowballs are not available in Competitive modes, however they can be used in Competitive on maps such as Austria as while the snowball piles are absent, the ability to acquire snowballs by interacting with snow-covered ground is not disabled.


  • The banner of the "Winter Wonderland" depicts a Terrorist throwing a snowball in Militia. The snowball in the image has a clump of snow resembling the safety lever on the HE Grenade. This is not present on the in-game model.
  • Respawning in Deathmatch does not reset the obscured screen effect on its own. Instead, the effect will fade after the expected duration, from the moment of being hit before dying.


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