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―Workshop description

The Steam Workshop is a database for uploading to user-created content available on Steam.

The only game in the Counter-Strike series with Steam Workshop support is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Workshop is split into two sections: The Maps Workshop and the Items Workshop.

Maps Workshop

The Workshop map list in-game, showing the player's workshop map subscriptions

The Maps Workshop was introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of the February 7, 2013 update along with the map, Assault.[1]

Level designers can upload their custom maps directly to the Maps Workshop for other users to vote, favorite, comment and subscribe. When a player subscribes to the map, it is automatically downloaded in-game, allowing the player to play with others on the map on community servers. As the quantity and caliber of the map selection on the Workshop increased, Valve decided to inlcude some of the more popular maps directly into Global Offensive as part of upcoming Operations.[2] Operations allowed the Global Offensive community to purchase the operation's pass, giving the player exclusive access to the community created maps (and later other community content) for a short period of time. Proceeds generated from operation pass sales are split between the included content creators.

Items Workshop

Similar to the Maps Workshop, the Items Workshop allows users to upload custom Skins, Stickers and Music Kits directly to the online workshop. Although players can vote, comment, and favorite items on the workshop, the content cannot be subscribed to in order to download in-game. Occasionally, Valve will include popular items in the game in the form of community containers as drops, or sold directly from the in-game store. Like the operation passes, a percentage of the proceeds earned from the sale of the items or community keys in-game is shared with the item creators.


  • Although custom knife models were hinted at when the Arms Deal update was introduced, no such functionality currently exists in the steam workshop.
    • Additionally, there is no direct option on the workshop to upload custom knife finishes, but several exclusive community created finished were included as part of the Chroma Case.
  • If you download an official CS:GO map from the workshop using the API, a map called workshop_empty_room will be downloaded instead.

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