Stephen Superville
Stephen Superville
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ Judas
■ Markus

Stephen Superville, or more commonly simply Steve, is the creator of a few Counter-Strike maps. He is most known for the map 747.


The first levels Steve Superville designed were made for the original Quake-based Team Fortress, but he didn't release any of these as he felt they weren't good enough.[1] He eventually moved on to Team Fortress Classic and despite not really liking the game, he began designing a map for it.[1][2] While working on this map, he discovered Counter-Strike while the mod was still in Beta 1 he decided to try converting his Team Fortress Classic map into a Counter-Strike map.[1]

His first Counter-Strike map was never released, but when he moved on to designing Station the map ended up being good enough to be officially included as part of Beta 4.0.[1] Shortly thereafter, Jess Cliffe contacted Steve in the hopes that he would pick up the 747 map that Leon Nieuwoudt never had the time to finish. Steve agreed and by the time Beta 6.0 was released, it was included as an official map.[1]

Superville personally though that his map Station was the better of the two.[1] However, it had a quite short lifespan and was removed when Beta 6.0 was released. 747 would prove to be a much more successful map and Valve Software ended up buying the rights to the map and made it part of the retail product when Counter-Strike was released at retail stores.

He had plans to design another map which would have utilized the bomb defusal scenario,[1] but he never finished the map.

Steve Superville eventually started working professionally in the games industry and was employed by Epic Games. His work has included AI programming on Gears of War and being the creative director for Paragon.[2][3]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
747 Cs t Level designer 2000
Station Beta Level designer 1999


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