The Sticker Capsule 2

The CS:GO Capsule Key

The Sticker Capsule 2 is the second sticker capsule released. It is a dropped item containing a random sticker to be applied to a weapon skin and requires a CS:GO Capsule Key to open.


  • Banana
  • Bomb Code
  • Chicken Lover
  • Good Game
  • Good Luck
  • Have Fun
  • Let's Roll-oll
  • Metal
  • Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Clutch
  • Bish (Holo)
  • Bash (Holo)
  • Bosh (Holo)
  • Let's Roll-oll (Holo)
  • Crown (Foil)
  • Stupid Banana (Foil)


  • The Let's Roll-oll sticker refers to a sound glitch in Competitive Classic matchmaking after all players hit the ready button.
  • The term Clutch in Welcome to the Clutch usually refers a situation where there is one player left on a team and that they are up against 3 or more players that are (still) alive.
  • When you scrape the Welcome to the Clutch sticker, it will start to say "Welcome to Hell" with skulls on the bottom. [1]
  • The Banana and Stupid Banana stickers refer to an area named Banana in Inferno which connects from the Terrorist spawn zone to Bombsite B.
  • The Bish, Bash, and Bosh stickers are a reference to a quote from the SAS faction, "Bingo Bango Bongo, Bish Bash Bosh", which became a minor meme.


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