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Storm (de_storm) is an official bomb defusal map.

It is used as an official map on Counter-Strike, and it can be played on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


It is an army outpost of sorts in the mountains, with lampposts and dark lighting. The time is set at evening. CTs spawn at Bombsite B where they can either stay on site, go to T Spawn, or go A. Combat is frequent around Underpass, Main Hall, and Overpass. This is one of the few maps in which the Night vision goggles are useful and the scale of the map makes it a good map for snipers.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Protect weapons crates. These weapons are to be delivered to an allied country threatened by terrorists.

Terrorists: There is an attempt to arm a small country your faction wishes to attack for the political reasons. Stop the weapons from reaching them.

Other Notes: There are 2 stashes of weapon crates in this mission.


  • If the bomb successfully detonates, it is possible to see an AK-47 lying around in the aftermath. However, it cannot be picked up because it is a part of the gibs entity rather than existing as an actual weapon entity and it will disappear within a few seconds.
  • Daank, the author of the map, made a second version to fix many of the gameplay/technical issues. The author also added new textures and more routes, but this version was never made official.[1][2]