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The T-90 is a main battle tank that only appears in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The T-90 is a gray tank equipped with a 125mm smooth-bore cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. It was used by the Arctic Avengers in the mission Building Recon and by the Guerrilla Warfare during the mission Downed Pilot. The T-90 is literally invulnerable to all weapons because of its thick armor, except for the M72 LAW and other high explosive equipment.

The machine gun on the top of the tank is similar to the M2, possibly because of the 12.7mm DShK machine gun which has low rate of fire but can badly damage and kill the player.

In some custom maps, the T-90 or the M1 Abrams can be found. Some are even equipped with an operational machine gun. Killing anyone with that mounted HMG will cause the game to say the player obtained a kill with a tank, since it uses the func_tank entity.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes[]

Building Recon[]

It was by the Arctic Avengers to pin down/kill a group of British SAS operatives. The player later destroys it with a M72 LAW.

Downed Pilot[]

It was briefly used by the Guerrilla Warfare members. Instead of being used as a weapon, it was displayed as an easter egg. The T-90 will not attack the player but the hostiles next to it will, it will fire at the wall once you clear the area. You can closely inspect the tank through a fence this time.



  • As with most Half-Life brush entities, the T-90 and the machine turret itself is a brush model that is using the entity "func_tank". They are not affected by the console code "notarget".
  • It is possible to destroy a T-90 instantly by throwing a HE grenade on the turret.
  • T-90 is not the only main battle tank appear in the Counter-Strike, some unofficial maps features M1 Abrams as well.
  • The Machine gun is incorrectly mounted on the Tank's hatch, which will render it completely impossible for anybody to use it. The weapon itself appears to be based on the DShK heavy machine gun, but mirrored (the magazine is located on the right side, not the left). Being a brush model, the gun is boxy and low in detail, with a much shorter barrel than it ever came with in real life.

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